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  • Defence-in-depth, more than a buzzword
    Raj Samani - ottobre 22, 2014

    Beyond the relentless headlines of data breaches, credit card theft, and many other cybersecurity-related stories lies a very simple explanation. Sometimes it’s as simple as an employee clicking on a link within an email, or a user of a popular cloud service using 123456 as the password. So with recent headlines reporting the widespread theft […]

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  • New Exploit of Sandworm Zero-Day Could Bypass Official Patch
    Haifei Li - ottobre 21, 2014

    Update of October 25: Some comments posted after we published this report suggest that our proof-of-concept exploit will trigger the UAC (User Account Control) on Windows. We did not observe this during our analysis.   During the last few days researchers at McAfee Labs have been actively investigating Sandworm, the Windows packager zero-day attack (CVE-2014-4114). […]

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  • Free Mobile Apps = Compromises On User Safety?
    Alok Shukla - ottobre 2, 2014

    Free mobile apps may introduce security risks that need to be addressed. While businesses need to find ways of monetizing when consumers are not ready to pay directly for using an app,  monetization mechanisms that involve the use of user data should be legal, secure and an informed choice. A bigger disussion follows. 80% of the […]

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