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Keep Your Data Safe for Office 365 (English)

McAfee DLP offers expansive, yet flexible, polices and templates that can help address risky employee behavior by protecting sensitive data from day-today user actions.

Security and Accountability in the Cloud Data Center: A SANS Survey (English)

"In this October 2016 report, SANS reveals the data from their recent Cloud Security survey. The relentless march of end user organizations toward cloud services continued, despite long-standing fears about information security, the lack of visibility into cloud provider security controls and the shortcomings of controls available to those who utilize cloud services."

Not Today Zero-Day: Block Zero-Day Threats Before They Hit Endpoints (English)

This whitepaper provides data points on malware and stresses the importance on emulation, which reduces "firefighting" and dramatically lowers security costs and freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives such as endpoint detection and response.

Health Warning: Cyberattacks are Targeting the Health Care Industry (English)

Our researchers investigate the theft of and marketplace for stolen personal health information and biopharmaceutical intellectual property.
주제: McAfee Labs

Hacking the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage – An executive summary for financial services (English)

The cybersecurity workforce shortfall remains a critical vulnerability for companies and nations, not least of which is the financial services, banking and insurance sectors. This executive summary focuses on the financial services sector, making recommendations from the full study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Automating the Threat Defense Lifecycle (English)

On the heels of the announcement of our partnership with TPG, this white paper defines our strategy and demonstrates our unique position in the market and how we aim to make IT security as dynamic and responsive as today’s most severe threats.

McAfee Labs Threats Report: September 2016 (English)

McAfee Labs researchers analyze survey data to gain a deeper understanding of data theft, investigate Q1/Q2 ransomware attacks on hospitals, and discuss the practical application of machine learning in cybersecurity.
주제: McAfee Labs

Prevent Data From Leaking Out of Your Organization (English)

Learn how our security products can protect against data loss.
주제: McAfee Labs

Protect Health Care Systems Against Ransomware (English)

Discover the policies, procedures, and product settings that can protect health care systems against ransomware.
주제: McAfee Labs

2016 Data Protection Benchmark Study: Visibility and Maturity of a Data Loss Prevention Program (English)

Ponemon Institute study that benchmarks the current rate of data loss incidents across multiple industries and geographies, isolates the critical components of DLP maturity, and identifies important focus areas to increase visibility and help prevent data breaches.