Two-Factor Authentication Secures Innovative Bring-Your-Own-Device Solution

AceIQ is an IT consulting firm headquartered in Kristianstad, Sweden that specializes in virtualization for clients and servers. The company’s mission is to help clients achieve a more efficient and versatile working environment while focusing on resource management, availability, and security.

Enabling BYOD for Smaller Organizations
AceIQ offers mobile IT solutions with a Citrix platform and McAfee® security. Kontoret på fickan, which translates to “pocket office” in English, is AceIQ’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution that allows for the use of mobile office solutions in small and mid-sized companies in the Nordic countries. “Access is a competition factor today,” explains Håkan Andersson, CEO at AceIQ. “And we offer that in a costefficient and secure package. Security is a very important success factor for Kontoret på fickan.”

An Extra Layer of Protection for Device Users
AceIQ settled on two-factor authentication to provide the security that its users required for accessing IT data and applications from their mobile devices. Standard single-password schemes were not adequate for a product like Kontoret på fickan, as passwords could be shared, lost, or stolen. Furthermore, applications could be compromised when users applied the same password for multiple logins or used common and easy-to-crack password combinations. Two-factor authentication, however, is recognized as the industry best practice because it uses two methods to validate a person’s identity, closing security gaps and reducing the threat of unauthorized access. AceIQ sought a two-factor authentication solution that would be software-based and easily deployed through customers’ mobile phones, instead of requiring the physical installation of hardware tokens on the Kontoret på fickan devices.

McAfee Secures the Possibilities
In order to provide the two-factor authentication solution for Kontoret på fickan, AceIQ chose McAfee One Time Password and its companion mobile software token, McAfee Pledge. Not only is McAfee One Time Password fast and easy to install, configure, and maintain, but it also provides a secure means for Kontoret på fickan users to remotely access their data. McAfee Pledge is a smartphone application that enables users to generate one-time passwords using their phones, without requiring the company to send an SMS message.

McAfee One Time Password is based on the industry-standard remote authentication dial-in user service (RADIUS), a client/server protocol that authenticates dial-in users and authorizes their access to requested systems and services. This enables AceIQ to maintain user profiles and administer security policies from a central location.

"McAfee has all the components necessary to make our Kontoret på fickan product easy and secure. Thanks to McAfee, we can accommodate our clients’ needs, no matter what type of environment in which they operate."

Håkan Andersson,
CEO, AcelQ

Two Levels of Protection
The McAfee One Time Password Server ensures that the Kontoret på fickan solution meets the high security standards necessary in today’s business world. The McAfee One Time Password Server achieves two-factor authentication in a wide variety of IT environments and through any delivery method based on the client’s preference. First, the user is required to log in with his or her standard username and password. Once the user is logged on, a one-time password is sent to the user, adding the second layer of authentication. The password can be sent to the user’s mobile phone, but also via email, Skype, or hardware tokens.

Unlike single-password systems, McAfee McAfee One Time Password adds an additional step to the login process by asking the Kontoret på fickan user to provide a one-time password that is generated by the software token on the mobile device. The token itself is protected with a PIN code to make it more challenging for unauthorized users to gain access to the account. “McAfee has all the components necessary to make our Kontoret på fickan product easy and secure,” states Andersson. “Thanks to McAfee, we can accommodate our clients’ needs, no matter what type of environment in which they operate.”

Bring Any Device to Citrix
The Kontoret på fickan solution is built on a Citrix platform. All applications are hosted and managed by AceIQ, and users have the ability to access any application of their choice. “Small and mid-sized companies often do not have the knowledge, resources, or time to properly manage their IT environment,” acknowledges Andersson. The Citrix’s platform is a virtual desktop infrastructure that produces images of the applications to the user. Nothing is stored on the user’s device; rather, it is stored on servers hosted by AceIQ. This makes Kontoret på fickan the ultimate BYOD solution for small and mid-sized companies. “The BYOD aspect enables each user to be more efficient and focus on the capabilities that each user has,” Andersson explains.

A Flexible, Secure Solution
AceIQ’s Kontoret på fickan solution opens up new BYOD possibilities of flexibility and availability that were previously reserved for only enterprise corporations. With Kontoret på fickan, any corporation, regardless of size, can offer the flexibility and accessibility that both employees and clients demand today. “Kontoret på fickan gives me the freedom and security to work in all the corners and edges of the world,” says Liliana Jörstad, a consultant with LTM Solutions. “I can offer my customers the same service, regardless of where I am at the time. This weekend, I had time to play with my grandchildren because I had the possibility to work from home. I am addicted to Kontoret på fickan for life.”

Additionally, AceIQ brings unique expertise to its clients, concludes Gisela Horndahl, business development manager at McAfee. ”It is an honor to work with one of Citrix’s Gold Partners in Sweden. They bring stellar service to their clients and always make sure the solutions are top-ofthe- line.”

A Partner for Secure Solutions
The McAfee approach to strong authentication is to develop solutions that secure login and authenticate identity in many diverse IT environments. That philosophy generates collaborations with some of the largest enterprises in Europe. As the McAfee partnership with AceIQ demonstrates, this approach can also bring strong authentication solutions normally reserved for enterprises to small and mid-sized companies.


Customer profile

Swedish IT consulting firm


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Wide range of client engagements with small and mid-sized companies


Provide smaller organizations with a cost-effective and easyto-use solution for two-factor authentication and bring-yourown-device (BYOD) protection

McAfee solution

McAfee One Time Password


  • Provides a flexible and secure application suite especially designed for small and mid-sized companies: Kontoret på fickan
  • Offers flexible two-factor authentication for any IT environment and any delivery method
  • Presents the ability to generate one-time passwords within the device without requiring a connection
  • Allows enterprises of any size to experience the flexibility and availability of BYOD