Bank Central Asia Achieves Compliance and Saves Time with McAfee ePO Software

Bank Central Asia (BCA) is a publicly owned Indonesian bank. One of the largest non-government banks, it employs more than 20,000 people across 1,000 branches. Listed on Forbes’ Global 2000, the Bank’s revenue exceeded US $4 billion in the last fiscal year.

Business Challenge: Manage Security and Compliance Across a Widely Distributed Enterprise
“As a bank, our biggest challenge is making sure that our systems, network, and data are protected, but compliance has become equally important,” says Ruval Saltana, enterprise security advisor at Bank Central Asia. “It used to be that end-user computers were our top priority, but now we have to comply with many regulations, both corporate and internal as well as PCI and industry regulations.”

The bank is widely dispersed geographically, however BCA’s security is centrally managed from headquarters in Jakarta. Finding security solutions that enable central management across 1,000 branches was difficult.

Why McAfee: Centrally Managed, Integrated Security with McAfee
In pursuit of a central management solution, BCA learned how well McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) software integrated with endpoint solutions and network intrusion prevention systems, as well as other security products. With McAfee ePO software at the core for centralized management, BCA implemented McAfee solutions to their 20,000 endpoints and network.

“We have multiple McAfee products, but it is really more like a single security solution,” says Saltana. “The way all the products are integrated, all managed from McAfee ePO software simplifies administration tremendously.”

Business Benefits: Time Savings, Ease of Management, and Simplified Administration and Compliance
Central management of security solutions with McAfee ePO software is a huge time saver for Bank Central Asia, both in deployment and day-to-day management.

“McAfee ePO software definitely has saved and continues to save us a lot of time, whether we are deploying new systems or updating signatures, we don’t have to have someone go from computer to computer,” explains Saltana. “From my point of view, I do not need a very big team to be able to deploy the solutions and we have an overview of all the implementations.

The solution eases administration for IT, while also enabling the auditors to achieve compliance with various regulations. At Bank Central Asia, McAfee provides a centrally managed, highly integrated security solution that keeps systems, data, and network protected.

“For environments like ours, nothing compares to the centralize management of McAfee ePO software,” concludes Sultana.

Bank Central Asia

Customer profile

Regional public bank in Indonesia


Financial services

IT environment

20,000 employees, 1,000 branches


Protect network, systems, and data and comply with industry and internal regulations.

McAfee solution

  • McAfee ePO Software
  • McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite
  • McAfee Network Security Platform
  • McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management
  • McAfee Vulnerability Manager


  • Ease of compliance with internal and industry regulations
  • Time savings from centralized management
  • Integration of solutions keep computers, network, and data protected