Comprehensive Protection for Morpho’s Globally Deployed Mobile Devices

A division of the Safran Group based in France, Morpho is a global leader in security solutions—from biometrics identification and detection systems to smart cards and e-documents. Morpho delivers innovative security solutions to governments, police and border agencies, administrations, and businesses for a wide range of applications, including aviation security, electronic document issuance, biometric identification, access control, and road safety. Morpho’s field-proven explosives, narcotics, and chemical detection systems are used to help safeguard people and high-risk targets, such as air and ground transportation, government and military facilities, and other critical infrastructures.

Protecting Vital Intellectual Property
As a leading provider of airport baggage scanning equipment Morpho knows that keeping its intellectual property secure is important to maintaining its competitive advantage. Information security is a tall order for a company with more than 7,000 employees operating in more than 40 countries. Many Morpho employees are technicians working on-site in airports and other public customer locations to install and maintain Morpho security systems. These technicians need the ability to exchange product information securely via email using their smartphones and tablet computers as well as their laptops.

“The consequences of equipment failure at an airport are serious—planes could be delayed if baggage scanners are not operating properly. To troubleshoot problems, our field personnel needs to be able to rapidly access system information on the platforms of their choice, including ‘bring your own’ devices,” states Laurent Porracchia, Morpho IT security officer. “At the same time, we need to be able to keep this highly sensitive product data from falling into the wrong hands.” Porracchia led a project at Morpho to evaluate mobile security vendors and choose a solution for data loss prevention—with an ambitious goal of rolling it out to an initial group of 200 geographically scattered smartphone users in only three months. The company placed top priority on sourcing a solution that could be deployed rapidly and easily to provide comprehensive email security without interfering with the technicians’ ability to do their jobs.

A Comprehensive Mobile Solution
With these criteria in mind, Morpho chose McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (McAfee EMM) software, version 10—a complete mobile security solution that supports any type of mobile device that Morpho employees are likely to use in the field, including Apple and Android smartphones and tablet computers. McAfee EMM software offers Morpho a seamless data loss prevention system that combines secure mobile application access, anti-malware, strong authentication, high availability, a scalable architecture, and compliance reporting. Now, Morpho is able to apply the same levels of security and control to mobile devices that it provides on laptops and desktops, including the ability to identify, tag, and assign policies to both employee-owned and company-issued devices.

With assistance from McAfee Professional Services, Morpho was able to fully deploy McAfee EMM software to the initial group of 200 users in only a few days—with longer-term plans to roll the system out to almost 800 mobile users. “McAfee EMM was very easy to set up and configure. It is a simple yet powerful tool that allows us to deploy and enforce comprehensive security policies on every smartphone in use by our employees to do company business,” adds Porracchia.

“Since the users are able to selfprovision from anywhere in the world without our IT staff having to travel to them to configure their devices, McAfee EMM is a tremendous time- and moneysaver.”

Laurant Porracchia, IT Security Officer Morpho

An Integrated McAfee Footprint
McAfee is already a central player in Morpho’s corporate security strategy, which includes a 7,000- user deployment of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise software as well as McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Server, McAfee Web Gateway, and McAfee Endpoint Encryption.

An important aspect of Morpho’s McAfee EMM software installation is its integration with McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software, which enables IT to administer the system globally from a central location and implement consistent policies. “Since we are already managing our security environment via [McAfee] ePO, it made sense to choose a mobile solution that we could just plug right into our existing infrastructure,” says Porracchia. “Additionally, the McAfee EMM console gives us high visibility into all of the devices that we are managing with the solution.”

Morpho is currently working with McAfee Professional Services to broaden McAfee ePO software’s role even further by integrating thirdparty products included in the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. “We really view [McAfee] ePO as our command and control center for corporate security—a single point of access for reporting and for evaluating the overall health of our security network,” says Porracchia.

Working the Way Employees Work
Within minutes, technicians from many different field locations, such as Thailand, Korea, and Brazil, are able to access the McAfee EMM software console remotely to enroll their mobile devices and bring them into compliance with Morpho’s security policies. The system provides automatic data encryption for all outgoing email messages, and password access provides protection for other sensitive corporate information such as company contacts.

Since McAfee EMM software works in the background to encrypt outgoing email, technicians can seamlessly exchange sensitive and proprietary product information—such as technical features and photos of the baggage scanners—with their colleagues and clients with the confidence that the information will not be intercepted.

Features such as remote lock-and-wipe prevent data loss in the event that the device is lost or stolen, giving the Morpho IT staff the ability to wipe sensitive data remotely via the McAfee EMM console. McAfee EMM’s PKI and two-factor authentication prevent malicious applications from being downloaded to users’ devices, and users are able to quickly download approved and recommended applications from Morpho’s enterprise application store.

Saving Time and Lowering Costs
By leveraging Morpho’s existing data center infrastructure and network and providing centralized management tools, McAfee EMM software is helping to drive down the company’s mobile device management and total cost of ownership in the solution.

“Since the users are able to self-provision from anywhere in the world without our IT staff having to travel to them to configure their devices, McAfee EMM is a tremendous time- and money-saver,” notes Porracchia. “[McAfee] EMM has turned out to be a quick and efficient solution for our IT staff as well as end users.”

A Comprehensive Partner for Mobile Security
McAfee EMM software is at the core of Morpho’s overall strategy to prevent unauthorized access to its sensitive corporate and technical data—a must in the company’s highly competitive industry.

“[McAfee] EMM is just the latest extension of our successful partnership with McAfee, and it is a necessary one,” declares Porracchia. “If we are to maintain competitive advantage, it is critical that we protect ourselves from cyberthreats—and the first line of defense is often mobile devices. With [McAfee] EMM, we are confident that our mobile users have the protection they need to do their jobs without concern for security breaches.”


Customer profile

Market leader in security identification and detection systems


High technology

IT environment

More than 700 field technicians who regularly use mobile devices to do their jobs


Protect highly sensitive and proprietary technical data that is shared among mobile devices

McAfee solution

  • McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management


  • Email encryption, password access, and application control prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Mobile security provides significant time and cost savings through employee self-provisioning
  • Centralized management allows for comprehensive control and reporting
  • Extensive security empowers field technicians to do their jobs