McAfee Network Security Platform Keeps Global 1000 Clients’ Outsourced Processes and Customer Data Safe

Mphasis, an EDS company, helps Global 1000 companies worldwide improve business processes to increase efficiency and deliver better customer service. Mphasis has headquarters in both the United States and India, and a total of 29 offices in nine countries, including delivery centers in India, China, South America, and Europe. The company offers its customers a wide range of outsourcing services, from outsourcing of global infrastructure technology to applications development and business process operations.

Clients’ operations, customer information, and business reputation at stake
To support its clients with outsourcing services, Mphasis operates 15 data centers across the globe, with a combined total of 1,500 servers and 27,000 desktops. Every day, Mphasis customers count on the company to keep critical business operations running and an enormous amount of customer-sensitive information, such as credit card and account

“To keep our Global 1000 clients happy, not only do we have to keep their operations running, we have to keep their data and their customers’ data secure,” says Surajit Sarkhel, associate leader of global information security at Mphasis. “That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that we implement industry best practices, comply with regulatory bodies and client-specific security requirements, and do whatever it takes to prevent attacks that can cause downtime or compromise data.”

Superior, proactive threat prevention
After a thorough evaluation of intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), Mphasis decided to deploy McAfee Network Security Platform (formerly McAfee IntruShield®), an award-winning network IPS, to proactively block network attacks before they occur. “We chose McAfee Network Security Platform because of its superior architecture and detection and prevention capability; for instance, it was the only IPS to provide SSL encryption and decryption. The ability to integrate it with other McAfee products down the road was also a huge plus,” says Sarkhel.

McAfee Network Security Platform inspects all incoming packets at line-rate speeds, blocking unwanted and malicious traffic. It also defends infrastructure components, such as switches, routers, and VoIP deployments from targeted attacks. “The McAfee IPS was easy to integrate into our infrastructure and eliminated concerns that we’d have to re-architect our network at substantial expense to meet our security needs,” says Sarkhel. “Immediately after it was up and running, it began deterring a host of potential intrusions—most importantly, the Denial of Service [DoS] attacks that compromise performance and availability of our hosting services.”

Centralized management and comprehensive coverage
From Bangalore, India, Mphasis IT administrators centrally manage 10 McAfee Network Security Platform appliances and 20 sensors that have been placed strategically to protect various segments of Mphasis’ wide area network. At present, the Network Security Platform protects all 25 Mphasis sites in India, eight sites in North America, and a site in Shanghai, China.

The Network Security Platform management console shows Mphasis which attacks are incoming, where they originate, and what the system’s virtual firewall is blocking. “Best of all, the McAfee Network Security Platform lets us see right away if our corporate or client-specific policies are not being enforced so we can act accordingly,” says Sarkhel.

"McAfee Network Security Platform has allowed us to provide top-notch security and zero downtime services to our clients."

Surajit Sarkhel
Associate Leader of Global Information, Security Mphasis

To facilitate security management even further, enabling centralized management of not only the McAfee IPS but other security risk management (SRM) solutions from a single, integrated console, Mphasis plans to implement McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™).

Transparent security with no impact on network performance
“Even with all ports being used, McAfee Network Security Platform provides excellent throughput,” says Sarkhel. “Because the system does not degrade network performance, it is transparent to our clients and their customers, yet provides the highest levels of security.”

With McAfee Network Security Platform, Mphasis is able to provide its clients with the highest levels of hosting performance and availability while proactively protecting their offshore operations against constantly evolving threats, including spyware, zero-day, encrypted, and DoS attacks that could disrupt their websites and businesses.

“McAfee Network Security Platform has allowed us to provide top-notch security and zero downtime services to our clients,” says Sarkhel. “And with McAfee security professionals working for us day and night, continuously updating their solutions to protect our services from emerging security threats, we’re free to focus on our core competencies and grow our business.”


Customer profile

A global business-process outsourcing company



IT environment

Mphasis has 27,000 desktops and 1,500 servers spread across 29 offices and 15 data centers worldwide.


The company needs to ensure continuity for the business processes it hosts and continuously protect the confidential customer information it collects daily.

McAfee solution

McAfee Network Security Platform detects and prevents suspicious network intrusions, blocking attacks before they occur.


  • Protects global network from intrusions that could disrupt operations or compromise data
  • Enables Mphasis to comply with security regulations and client-specific security requirements
  • Provides transparent security with enterprise-level performance, reliability, and availability
  • Eases administration with centralized management and the option to integrate with other SRM solutions