McAfee Partnership Delivers Secure NAS Solutions

Thecus Technology Corporation is a leading multinational provider of high-performance digital storage systems, well-known among global customers for its network-attached storage (NAS) solutions. The Thecus team has combined its decades of R&D experience to develop an extensive range of state-of-the-art storage products for consumers and enterprises, allowing for the Thecus solutions to be distributed in more than 30 countries and territories across the globe.

A New Standard for NAS Security
Security is an important consideration with any network-attached storage deployment, since these heavily trafficked repositories are at the crossroads of proprietary information exchange—and are therefore vulnerable to malware attacks that can be easily propagated throughout the storage, data center, and network environment. SMBs are increasingly relying on NAS devices. Most solutions, however, require a separate off-box install of antivirus. Also, most solutions on the market only offer on-demand scanning, which can make protection difficult. By embedding McAfee antivirus technology in its NAS product line, Thecus is providing its customers with malware protection that is unrivaled in the industry.

Many of Thecus’ customers have multiuser home or business data repositories. In these instances, infected files can spread a virus to other users without their knowledge. Before the integration with McAfee, the virus could spread from user to user, even after the initially infected instance had been cleaned. This was a potential problem that Jonathan Geoffroy, marketing manager at Thecus, knew all too well. “For protecting essential content, a reliable and effective antivirus solution is just as important as backing up the data in the first place. Customer feedback is very important to us at Thecus and we prove that with each product we create,” says Jonathan. As a longtime partner of Intel, McAfee came highly recommended when Thecus was searching for a security partner. “We partnered with McAfee in direct response to our customers, who were looking for NAS solutions that could give them utmost security and confidence when storing sensitive data,” explains Jonathan. “Another selling point for McAfee was its AVSDK, which made the technology easy to integrate into the Linux operating system of our products.”

Fast and Easy Antivirus Deployment
Thecus worked with McAfee to create a custom antivirus module that NAS customers can quickly and easily download from the Thecus website within minutes. Users can customize the antivirus capabilities according to their requirements. For instance, users can schedule virus scans and updates to run automatically at certain times of the day or night. For virus scanning, the NAS administrator can select one or more shared folders and then perform a one-time scan or schedule an automated daily or weekly task. Users can also create different levels of access for groups and individuals depending on their roles in the organization, simply by clicking options in a dialogue box. “Our goal was to make the security capabilities very easy to use and manage. In fact, customers can download and configure the McAfee module in a matter of minutes without having to involve IT. It’s very much in line with our philosophy to make our customers’ data as accessible and manageable as possible, while protecting that critical data from malware threats,” states Geoffroy.

Comprehensive Protection
The McAfee antivirus module performs a daily update of virus definitions to keep the system ahead of new and emerging malware threats. As a result, this has helped to give the solution a 99% success rate in recognizing and neutralizing viruses before any damage can be done to Thecus’ NAS customers’ data. Thecus’ network-attached storage will visit and check the virus definitions on McAfee’s website, download the .zip file, and then apply it. At that point an automated check can be scheduled and the user has the ability to decide when to update the definition.

McAfee antivirus technology allows for effective scanning of compressed, archived, and packed files. Additionally, the solution’s ability to rapidly scan very large files up to 8GB with a 99% recognition rate makes it especially suited to Big Data NAS deployments, common among Thecus customers. “In these areas, McAfee came out far ahead of its competitors. The closest one could only manage a 68% recognition rate, and any file over 2GB caused a serious performance bottleneck,” explains Geoffroy. Upon recognition of a threat, the solution allows for isolation before a possible spread.

“For protecting essential content, a reliable and effective antivirus solution is just as important as backing up the data in the first place. We chose to partner with McAfee in direct response to our customers, who were looking for NAS solutions that could give them utmost security and confidence when storing sensitive data.”

Jonathan Geoffroy,
Marketing Manager, Thecus Technology Corporation

First-Class Support
In addition to offering comprehensive virus protection, Thecus network-attached storage systems are also backed up by McAfee’s world-class support. In any instance where Thecus cannot provide firstline support, they refer the customer to McAfee Support. For any issue that may arise, Thecus is confident the McAfee Support team will respond rapidly and professionally to provide a solution. “Customer support is a priority at Thecus, and it’s extremely reassuring to know that we can access the McAfee technical resources we need to make sure our customers get up and running as quickly as possible with antivirus protection,” says Geoffroy.

A Partnership to Build On
Moving forward, Thecus will expand the integration of its NAS solutions for both home and office environments, allowing the partnership with McAfee to continue to grow. Thecus plans to continue evaluating the security functions that McAfee provides to see how they can adapt them to the NAS system. For example, they plan to work with McAfee to evaluate how McAfee Application Control can assist with providing whitelisting. “The ability to offer the industry’s most trusted antivirus technology as a standard component of our products has not only given our company a competitive advantage, but it’s provided greater peace of mind for our customers,” concludes Geoffroy. “Thanks to McAfee, we are providing a highly secure and extremely fast NAS solution.”

Thecus Technology Corporation

Customer profile

Multinational provider of network-attached storage solutions


High technology

IT environment

Systems deployed in more than 30 countries


Enable NAS customers to protect their sensitive data from malware

McAfee solution

McAfee antivirus technology (AVSDK)


  • Provided simple and fast downloading and installation in minutes without requiring IT support
  • Integrated seamless and easily with Linux OS
  • Blocked malware with an impressive success rate of 99%
  • Scanned large files up to 8 GB in rapid time