Data Center Network Security: A Deeper Look at McAfee's Recent Announcements

  • 날짜:2012년 7월 18일 (수)
  • 이벤트 유형: 주문형 웹캐스트
  • 위치:On Demand

McAfee is proud to announce the industry's leading next-generation IPS now delivers the most powerful security for your data center, along with threat protection for your virtual environments, and the granular control required by multi-tenancy environments. Join one of our network security professionals, Dana Torgersen, in this webcast as he walks through the details of these recent announcements and covers the following topics on network security:

  • Overview of data center network security
  • XC Cluster solution
  • Enhanced multi-tenancy features
  • New VMware integration
  • Network Threat Behavior Analysis virtual appliance