More businesses choose hybrid cloud services

2012년 11월 19일 (월)

The cloud offers a solution for professionals to improve business efficiency. Because more people are using the cloud to store data, host applications or access confidential information from mobile devices, many company executives are implementing cloud computing services into their infrastructures.

Private clouds are most popular among organizations because they provide decision-makers the ability to set up their own security and data control measures instead of relying on third-parties. However, a new report suggests that employers are becoming more confident using public and hybrid cloud structures for sensitive files.

According to an IDC survey of 326 polled executives from the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany commissioned by Infosys, 69 percent of respondents have used a private cloud service, while 40 percent are beginning to invest in a public or hybrid cloud solution, Forbes reported.

Cloud adoption is growing, however, many are wary of storing information in a public server because it takes control away from IT departments, said Marianne Kolding, the author of the IDC report. Although security is a major concern, some executives choose to distribute mission-critical data in private servers and place less critical files in public clouds to keep up with competitors.

A separate report by Forrester Consulting reaffirms IDC's results that public clouds are gaining momentum among business owners. The survey found that one-third of respondents' companies place financial and health care information in a public cloud, Help Net Security reported.

As more companies integrate external cloud computing services into their businesses, decision-makers must take steps to ensure data protection. IT departments should communicate with vendors and update controls to block hacker attacks. Investing in security software, firewalls and access controls can allow employers to monitor cloud security. Teaching employees about proper cloud use can also prevent data loss.

-McAfee Cloud Security