Cloud service prices dropping as popularity among consumers rises

2012년 1월 4일 (수)

Most technology gradually becomes less expensive as consumers and businesses progressively adopt it, and some experts believe cloud computing is beginning to experience the same trend.

According to a recent Los Angeles Times report, the price of using the cloud, especially for consumers, is declining, as the technology becomes more popular for storing files like music, photos and documents.

The report said large companies have used cloud storage for years, saving costs related to maintaining data centers, but consumers and small businesses are increasingly reaping the benefits of the cloud, and for a diminished price. The source provides the example of one online backup product that enables users to automatically copy all their computer files to the provider's web servers for less than $60 per month. With remote backup, consumers and businesses can access their files from any location through a web browser.

While some prospective cloud adopters have concerns regarding security in the cloud, the report said cloud-based backup is usually a secure service, and even some of the world's most important organizations are using the technology.

The United States government has been at the forefront of cloud adoption, urging federal agencies to gain the cost-cutting, efficiency-boosting and security advantages the cloud provides.

-McAfee Cloud Security