U.S. Army awards $250 million cloud computing contract

2012년 1월 10일 (화)

Several businesses continue to express concern regarding security in the cloud, but the United States government has no problem using cloud technology to secure its highly confidential information, InformationWeek reports.

According to a report from the source, the U.S. Army recently awarded almost $250 million in contracts to a group of private technology providers. The group is tasked with using private cloud solutions to consolidate the Army's data centers from more than 200 to fewer than 20, resulting in reduced costs, stronger security and greater efficiency.

"Virtualization technology has reached a point where the Army can achieve significant saving by virtualizing computing operating environments to meet the Army’s needs," according to the original request for information for the contract, which was obtained by InformationWeek.

The report said the Army's transition to private cloud-based data centers will occur in two phases. First, the technology companies will provide the Army with fixed-facility private-cloud capability, while the second phase will involve acquiring mobile data centers.

Congress recently ordered the Department of Defense to devise a cloud computing strategy, as the U.S. government continues to urge federal agencies to reduce IT costs by transferring services to the cloud.

-McAfee Cloud Security