Australian university offering cloud computing course

2012년 1월 12일 (목)

As enterprises continue to implement new cloud computing strategies and need IT staffs with cloud-related experience and skills, some universities are providing students with an advantage in the competitive IT job market.

According to a ZDNet report, Bond University in Australia will soon offer a cloud computing course to accommodate increased interest in the subject and an expected rise in IT jobs requiring cloud skills.

"The technology in this cloud space has been evolving over the last four or five years and we were getting requests from industry that they were looking for these sorts of skilled people," said Professor Paddy Krishnan, head of Bond's Department of Software Systems, as reported by the source.

The report said Bond had previously offered courses containing some cloud computing curriculum, but the new course will provide students with significantly more skills to succeed in an IT position after graduating.

According to a recent Forbes blog post by IT expert Joe McKendrick, cloud computing adoption has made it essential for IT departments to hire employees with experience implementing and managing cloud services.

-McAfee Cloud Security