Software developers to create more cloud, mobile applications

2012년 1월 17일 (화)

As more companies adopt cloud computing as a solution to reduce IT costs, increase productivity and improve scalability, demand will escalate for cloud-based business applications.

According to Zend Technologies, a provider of software for developing and managing business applications, between 40 to 50 percent of developers expect to have cloud-based application projects in 2012. Additionally, 46 percent of all developers desire to improve their skills in creating cloud software, while 52 percent of developers from large companies are looking to advance their cloud knowledge.

"As our survey and other industry findings confirm, 2012 brings with it escalating requirements for cloud, mobile and social apps," said Zend CEO Andi Gutmans.

Many experts have recently predicted a rise in mobile cloud applications, as more businesses are deploying enterprise applications on smartphones and tablets, improving the productivity and mobility of the workforce. The report said 66 percent of developers plan to embrace mobile application projects this year.

According to Taylor Nelson Sofres report, the ability to access company data across multiple devices is a significant driver of cloud adoption, as the cloud can help businesses secure and share data on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

-McAfee Cloud Security