Report: Cloud computing is the top IT investment in 2012

2012년 1월 19일 (목)

Many businesses in every industry added cloud services last year, and experts say enterprises will integrate cloud, mobile and social technologies into the core of their business strategies during the next year.

According to recent predictions by a global provider of IT services and software, cloud computing will be the top IT investment priority this year, as several enterprise applications are transitioned to the cloud and mobile devices.

"Enterprises are now realizing they cannot afford to keep these technologies at the periphery of their organizations," said IT expert Fred Dillman. "To compete effectively, they must integrate these technologies into the core of their customer-facing systems and applications. This means aggressively using these technologies to provide new, innovative, more convenient, and cost-effective ways to interact with today's mobile, tech-savvy customers."

The report said private cloud adoption will increase, enabling companies to secure private data on site while experiencing the productivity gains and reduced IT costs the cloud provides.

According to a recent survey, small businesses are especially interested in adding private cloud solutions, as 96 percent said they expect to keep at least half of their data internal for the following three years.

-McAfee Cloud Security