Study: Majority of consumers interested in cloud-based storage

2012년 2월 8일 (수)

Enterprises and government agencies are leading the charge for widespread adoption of cloud services, but more consumers are now displaying interest in the cloud, mainly for its storage capabilities.

According to Reuters, a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report revealed consumers are becoming interested in storing digital content in the cloud, but price is still a determining factor for most of them.

The survey found that almost 90 percent of consumers are at least somewhat attracted to the advantages of storing digital content in a cloud-based "locker," and nearly two-thirds of respondents said they feel confident regarding their knowledge of cloud storage.

"I think there's a distinction between what consumers believe their knowledge is and what they actually know," Matthew Lieberman of PwC told TheWrap, as reported by Reuters. "Over 61 percent believe they have an understanding of what storing content in the cloud means, but they have quite a varied understanding of what that entails."

However, while consumers understand the benefits of storing content in a secure, cloud-based environment, more than half would be turned off by even minimal annual fees. The report said 70 percent of respondents would be less likely to use a cloud storage service if a $25 to $99 fee was required.

"What we're finding is being said loud and clear is that the most important benefit of these cloud services is that they are free," Lieberman said.

According to a recent Los Angeles Times report, cloud service prices for consumers have decreased as demand for securing music, videos and other files in the cloud has expanded. The report said consumers were originally skeptical of security in the cloud, but low prices and the ability to access files remotely are outweighing those concerns.

-McAfee Cloud Security