Study: Growth of cloud services to create related jobs

2012년 3월 15일 (목)

As companies migrate traditional IT functions to public, private and hybrid cloud environments, many are realizing measurable benefits. While experts say businesses will continue to leverage the cloud to reduce costs and boost efficiency, the emerging technology could also affect the IT landscape in an unconventional way.

Several research firms and industry experts have recently said the widespread adoption of cloud services will subsequently generate cloud-related jobs, both at enterprises in need of cloud specialists and at technology companies looking to develop innovative cloud-based products. According to a Sand Hill Group study, mobile, social and big data trends will facilitate significant cloud growth, leading to more cloud employment opportunities.

"These results support what many in the cloud community have long suspected," said M.R. Rangaswami, study author and co-founder of Sand Hill Group, a strategic advisory firm known for its insight into the software and services market. "The impending growth of mobile computing, social networking and data management all have one thing in common - the cloud - which is why job growth in this area cannot be ignored."

The Sand Hill report found that companies selling cloud services are expected to expand revenues an average of $20 billion annually over the next five years, a growth that could create up to 472,000 jobs in the United States and foreign markets. Additionally, venture capital investments in cloud computing are projected to reach $30 billion during that period, adding 213,000 jobs to the U.S. economy.

While most experts predict cloud computing will increase to never-before-seen popularity in the near future, they also warn that organizations' perceived security concerns are the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption. To reduce their fears of storing critical data and applications in the cloud, businesses should consider implementing a security solution that can sufficiently monitor and defend multiple clouds, systems and end-user devices in real time.

-McAfee Cloud Security