New survey highlights possibilities, concerns for the cloud

2012년 4월 20일 (금)

While cloud computing has the potential to radically improve organizations' efficiency, it can also lead to significant problems. This is especially true when there is a disconnect between how different departments view the cloud.

As a new survey demonstrates, such a disconnect is a problem many companies are increasingly familiar with.

Conducted by Forrester Research, the report surveyed 327 IT enterprise infrastructure executives and architects. It found 71 percent of respondents believe IT departments should be responsible for guaranteeing the operation and security of public cloud services. However, among CIOs participating in the survey, 72 percent believed that their companies see cloud computing as a means of circumventing IT departments entirely.

This seeming contradiction suggests that there are widely divergent views present within companies, with IT and business-side personnel harboring mutually exclusive notions of how the cloud can and should operate.

Making matters worse are the rising expectations companies have for the possibilities of cloud computing. According to Forbes' Joe McKendrick, organizations are increasingly viewing cloud computing as a means of reducing costs, simplifying operations and improving speed for companies' networks. The pressure to meet these demands is putting a strain on IT departments, and causing CIOs to worry that cloud operations are becoming unmanaged.

These worries, however, do not outweigh the benefits of cloud computing. By shifting operations to the cloud, companies can indeed improve efficiency, cost management and speed. The trouble arises when too much is expected of the cloud, as this can lead to overly hasty adoption. Security experts widely agree that moving to the cloud too quickly, without sufficient research and preparation, can lead to serious security concerns. For this reason, it is important that IT departments and business managers communicate to ensure that they have a policy that makes the cloud a benefit, rather than a risk.

-McAfee Cloud Security