GSA's FedRAMP initiative nearly under way

2012년 5월 7일 (월)

Many enterprises and small businesses have started adopting cloud computing services into their IT operations recently, while the U.S. federal government has been attempting to keep pace. This has worked in favor of all involved, as the government is learning first-hand how to regulate and control the cloud, which is especially pertinent regarding cloud security.

The cloud has been among the more important technological advances for the government, as the fiscal deficit and shoddy economy have forced public officials to create new methods of spend management.

In late 2010, the General Services Administration announced it was the first government organization to adopt cloud email, a move it said would save it $15 million through 2015. In many ways, the agency set the stage for many others to follow. The office has continued to make it possible for other agencies to adopt cloud-based IT services.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the GSA's Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is nearly ready for action. FedRAMP is a program that works to ease the transition to cloud services, ensure wise decisions when picking a third-party service provider and keep public data secure.

According to the news provider, cloud services providers have reacted well to this initiative, as it works to further the industry.

"We see FedRAMP as a next step in the evolution of cloud computing adoption and execution," Seth Finkel, vice president of one such provider, explained to the source. "FedRAMP is going to make it more difficult for folks to fake it."

While standardization of the industry will surely improve the experiences many organizations have, enterprises and public agencies need to assess all viable cloud security software and data safety practices before initiating cloud based services.

-McAfee Cloud Security