Cloud computing boosts revenues at charitable organizations

2012년 5월 7일 (월)

Some of the most common benefits enterprises experience after initiating use of cloud computing include improved cost efficiency, streamlined task management and advanced flexibility in the face of evolving markets. For this reason, cloud services, especially cloud-based infrastructure, are perfect for charitable organizations.

The Cloud Circle recently reported the cloud was a strategic force that bolstered success for Sport Relief 2012, a charitable event that broke several personal records this year.

According to the source, the charity collected more than 300,000 donations, while the elastic features of the cloud allowed the website to process such a vast number of hits.

"The night of television can put a very large and sudden load on the web services," strategy director of the organizing group Comic Relief, Caroline Lien told the source. "...We never know what’s going to happen on the night ... The great news is that once again we have surpassed performance, both in terms of donations and transactions."

When managing such a large number of transactions, and the personal and payment information that comes with them, security has to be a top priority. Cloud security software coupled with strong internal policies and practices regarding the technology can help ensure the safety of donors to charitable events online.

The Guardian published an article in April explaining how the cloud is rapidly becoming the leading choice for IT services among charitable organization. The news provider cited NVCO's Charity Forecast survey, which found 9 out of every 10 respondents expect the industry to take a serious hit in the coming years, especially in light of global economic unrest.

This is why philanthropic entities will likely switch operations to the cloud, as the scalability, cost and processing power of the technology save users funding and time.

-McAfee Cloud Security