Study: Trust in cloud on the rise

2012년 6월 25일 (월)

Cloud computing looks to continue its rise to the top of the business world, as the shaky feelings that many companies once held regarding the technology have subsided, and have been replaced by new found trust. According to a study from North Bridge Venture Partners, 50 percent of companies feel confident in putting critical business applications in the cloud.

While the challenge of how to secure cloud computing remains a concern for some companies, it hasn't stopped the migration to various services. The advantages that cloud adoption provides outweigh the potential issues, with the ability of the service and the participating business to adjust on the fly comprising the top two reasons companies take the leap. Fifty-seven percent cited scalability as a motivating factor behind adoption, while 54 percent mentioned business agility.

Remaining concerns
The trust is still infused with a twinge of doubt, as a few issues continue to make organizations waver. Top on the list is the the concern of cloud security, which 55 percent of companies still find in need of improvement. Compliance issues checked in second at 38 percent and worries about being locked into a vendor was third, at 32 percent.

A separate study from a management software company found cloud users' faith in security was slightly more robust. Eighty-four percent of businesses using the private cloud believed that data protection was adequate, while 73 percent felt the same way about the public cloud. The North Bridge study found that a hybrid of the public and private clouds was a an area with strong growth potential for the future, with 52 percent planning on using a hybrid cloud as their primary approach within five years.

Driving growth
While companies are turning toward the adaptability of cloud services, vendors see the most important aspects of their services differently. Scalability helps account for the growing mountains of data that organizations are accumulating, but that is not enough for those making the product. Vendors highlighted big data and analytics as the most important services they can offer, according to the North Bridge study.

Big data is relatively still tertiary for many companies, though, with 19 percent of cloud formations dedicated to its processing. Backup and archiving reigned supreme, with 43 percent of formations dedicated to the important aspects of data loss prevention. Business continuity (25 percent) and collaboration tools (22 percent) rounded out the list of popular formations.

-McAfee Cloud Security