Study: Cloud security concerns preventing UK adoption

2012년 7월 10일 (화)

Reservations over data security in the cloud still run rampant through IT departments in the United Kingdom, according to research from Robert Half technology. Nearly one-fourth of IT directors surveyed claimed their business has no plans to migrate systems into the cloud.

While 46 percent highlighted cloud security as a reason not to adopt cloud computing services, there was also a glaring lack of knowledge about the cloud across many organizations. Twenty-four percent of respondents reported a lack of knowledge inside the company as a major barrier to adoption.

"It's surprising that so many heads of IT appear to have not embraced the value of cloud technology, although this may be partly due to a lack of understanding of the benefits and how it can be applied to their organization," Neil Hedges, a senior manager at Robert Half technology, told Computer Business Review.

Small business hesitation
While companies from all classes expressed doubts over the stability of cloud data security and other issues, small businesses did so at a much greater rate, according to the study. Nearly two in every five small businesses (38 percent) reported not planning to use the technology in the future.

Medium-sized companies were the most likely to use cloud services, with just 8 percent claiming no future plans in the arena. Twelve percent of large companies expressed similar hesitance.

Security and continuity again posed problems, but other research has shown that smaller companies that do adopt cloud services quickly have their fears calmed in other parts of the world. A May study from Microsoft found that 35 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States had experienced noticeably higher levels of security since making the move.

"There's a perception that security is a barrier to cloud adoption," a general manager of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, Adrienne Hall, said. "Yet when companies embrace and invest in cloud services, they find the benefits far outweigh previous concerns."

Knowledge gap
Lack of knowledge about the cloud highlighted a slow adoption rate earlier in its existence, but in other parts of the world, that has vanished, leaving the UK on the wrong side of a large gap. One 2011 study from Forrester Consulting found that lack of understanding about cloud technologies was less of a concern than in the past for companies in the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

-McAfee Cloud Security