Big data integration will increase in the next few years

2012년 10월 18일 (목)

According to a string of recent reports, more companies are using big data to store large sets of information in the cloud. By integrating big data into an organization's infrastructure, workers can gain market insights.

Why use big data?
A U.K. IP Expo survey shows that many decision-makers are beginning to implement big data. Forty-nine percent of respondents either have a strategy in place or are researching ways to install one, IT News Online reported.

Employees recognize the opportunities provided by using big data. In the "Analytics: The real-world use of Big Data" study conducted by IBM and the Said Business School at the University of Oxford, most institutions employ this software to analyze internal information like transactions and email. Some decision-makers also store and evaluate social media interactions. About 63 percent of the 1,144 business professionals polled said that examining collected facts may help them get ahead of their competitors, Internet Evolution reported.

Spending will increase
Because organizations accumulate a lot of material, Gartner predicted that IT departments will spend $28 billion on big data in 2012, eWeek reported. According to the research firm, social network and content analytics are mostly affected by big data, making up 45 percent of spending each year.

In the next few years, experts believe that big data will become a requirement for running a business, the source reported. Those who do not use this type of software may suffer in the future, said Gartner's research vice president, Mark Beyer.

Despite the cloud's benefits, cloud security concerns still deters some professionals. As long as employers enforce preventative measures like password protections and encryption, IT staffs should consider investing in big data to improve company efficiency.  

-McAfee Cloud Security