McAfee Product & Technology Support Lifecycle

Version Support & EOL Archive

Product Version Support Policies

General Software Version Support Policies:

  • The provision of Support is limited to (i) the current version and (ii) the immediately preceding version of the Product. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Support is subject to McAfee’s End-of-Life Policy.
  • New virus signature files - DATs - (released weekly) and Engine upgrades are tested for compatibility with supported products. Once products have reached their End of Support or End of life dates they are not tested for compatibility with new DATs or Engine upgrades. If you run a new Engine with a product not included in the supported product matrix, you are running an unsupported configuration.
  • HotFixes (short-term 'fixes' for known product issues) and service packs are provided for the current product release only. Once End-of-Life for a product or platform or the End of Support date for a software version is announced, no further HotFixes or service packs will be released unless specifically included in the EOL plan. However, DAT and Engine support is provided until EOL/EOS.
  • SEE KB51560 for the Patch and HotFix release and support policy for McAfee Agent, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention, and McAfee VirusScan Enteprise.

Service Packs

  • When a service pack is released for a product, the product without the service pack is supported for six (6) months. After six months, only the product with the service pack is supported.
  • When a service pack is released for a product, new virus signature files are tested on the original release without the service pack for six months, as well as on the product with the service pack. After six months, compatibility testing is performed only on the product with the service pack.

McAfee EOL Archive

Product Name/Version Number Release Date End of Support /
End of Life
McAfee Anti-Spam SDK (Daily updates)
4.1 25-Apr-06 30-Nov-08  
4.0 19-Sep-06 30-Jun-08  
McAfee Anti-Spyware Enterprise
7.7 31-Aug-05 01-Nov-08  
7.1   31-Dec-07  
McAfee Deep Defender
1.0.1 23-Jul-2012 01-Jun-2013 Deep Defender version 1.0.1 will enter End of Life on the 1st of June 2013 and will no longer be available from the download site. McAfee strongly recommends that all customers currently running Deep Defender 1.0.1 plan to upgrade to 1.5 as soon as possible in order to maintain the best possible protection from their investment in Deep Defender and DeepSAFE platform technology. McAfee Deep Defender 1.5, product and documentation, is available on the Product Download site at:
McAfee Desktop Firewall
All versions   31-Oct-03 Desktop Firewall has been integrated into McAfee Host IPS.
McAfee Entercept
all versions   30-Apr-08 Entercept has been upgraded to McAfee Host IPS.
McAfee Foundstone Enterprise
4.2   03-Aug-07  
McAfee GroupShield for Lotus Domino on AIX & Solaris Microsoft Exchange 5.5 is EOL and no longer supported
5.0   30-Nov-04  
McAfee GroupShield for Lotus Domino on Windows
5.2.1 17-Mar-03 31-Mar-08  
5.2   31-Mar-04  
5.0a   31-Oct-03  
McAfee GroupShield for Microsoft Exchange
6.0.1   31-Mar-06  
6.0   31-Jan-05  
McAfee GroupShield for Microsoft Exchange 5.5
5.0SP2   31-Dec-05  
5.0 (no SP1)   31-Mar-03  
4.5SP1   31-Mar-03  
4.04   31-Mar-03  
McAfee Hercules Now sold as McAfee Policy Auditor and McAfee Remediation Manager
3.5.1   01-Aug-07  
Instant Messenger Filter Last Order End of Life Supported platforms
Instant Messenger Filter 4.0 Nov-05 Jan-08 WIN 2000 or 2003
McAfee Installation Designer  
8.5   29.-Nov-09  
8.2   22-Dec-05  Same as EOL for VirusScan Enterprise v8.0i
McAfee IntruShield Manager
3.1x 04-Nov-05 31-Dec-08  
2.1   30-Jun-07  
1.8 & 1.9   01-Feb-07  
McAfee LinuxShield      
1.1   06-Jun-06  
1.0   31-Mar-05  
McAfee Managed Mail Protection
n/a   22-Nov-05 McAfee Managed Mail Protection End of Support is November 22, 2005, and optionally migrate customers to McAfee Secure Messaging Service.
VirusScreen is EOL as of March 15, 2005 for McAfee customers. Partners hosting VirusScreen need to EOL the product, and optionally migrate their customers to McAfee Managed Mail Protection. Managed Mail is not available for hosting by partners
McAfee NetShield for Celerra™ Product End of Life
    30-Jun-03 Starting July 1 2002, EMC Celerra NAS products are supported by NetShield for Windows NT/2000 4.5 HFR.
1.0.1   30-Jun-05  
McAfee NetShield for NetApp® Product End of Life
    28-Feb-05 Upgrade path for NetShield for NetApp is VirusScan for NetApp. NetShield for NetApp 4.5 End of Sale: January 19, 2004; End of Support, End of Life : February 28, 2005
McAfee NetShield for NetWare
4.6.2   15-Jun-06 Novell Netware 5.x will cease to be supported as of December 31, 2006. This change is being prompted by Novell's imminent end of support for the operating system version.
McAfee PortalShield
1.0   30-May-06  
McAfee Policy Enforcer
2.0 13-Dec-06 30-Sep-08 Future versions branded McAfee Network Access Control
1.0 17-Mar-06    
McAfee Secure-1 Product for OS/2 End of Life
    30-Nov-05 Secure-1 entered EOL as of November 2004. Customers have been migrated to CheckPoint Safe@Office and McAfee Managed VirusScan. End of Support is November 2005.
Secure Content Reporter Last Order End of Life Supported platforms
Content Reporter 4.5 30-Nov-05 31-Dec-06 WIN 2000 or 2003, Solaris 7, 8 or 9. Support database versions: Oracle 8.1.7, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL 2000, MaxDB 7.5 (included)
McAfee SpamKiller for Exchange Small Business Product End of Life
      SpamKiller for Exchange Small Business is End of Life. It was replaced by SpamKiller for Microsoft Exchange
McAfee SpamKiller for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003
2.1.1   31-Mar-06  
2.1   31-Jan-05  
McAfee SuperDAT Manager
1.3.1   31-Dec-02  
McAfee System Compliance Profiler
1.0.1   30-Jun-05  
1.0.0   30-Jun-05  
McAfee ThreatScan Product End of Life
2.5   31-Dec-05  
2.1   31-Dec-04  
2.0   31-Dec-04  
McAfee Total Protection Service
(formerly Total Protection for Small Business and Managed VirusScan)
Operating System support:
Windows 98   DATs: Jun '07 No longer supported
Windows ME   DATs: Jun '07 No longer supported
Windows NT 4.0   DATs: Jun '07 No longer supported
Windows 95   DATs: 31-Dec-06 OS no longer supported
McAfee Virex for MacOS 8, 9
6.2   01-Nov-07  
McAfee Virex Administrator
1.4   01-Nov-07  
McAfee VirusScan Command Line Linux for S/390
4320   31-Jul-05 4320 Command Line versions of the McAfee Anti-Virus Engine will be the last release for the S/390 Linux platform.
4260   30-Jun-04 End of support June 2004
McAfee VirusScan Command Line OS/2 Product for OS/2 End of Life
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + Anti-Spyware Enterprise Module (for Windows)
7.1   31-Dec-07  
McAfee VirusScan for Mac (formerly Virex)
8.0   01-Nov-07 For Mac Tel
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux (LinuxShield)
1.4 06-Aug-06 01-Nov-08  
x86 - 64 bit: 1.3 05-May-06 01-Nov-08  
i386: 1.3 08-Dec-05 01-Nov-08  
McAfee VirusScan PDA Product End of Life
2.0   30-Apr-06  
McAfee VirusScan Thin Client Product End of Life
6.1   30-Jun-05  
6.00 (Japan only)   30-Jun-05  
6.0 (other languages)   31-Dec-04  
McAfee VirusScreen
n/a   15-Mar-05 VirusScreen is EOL as of March 15, 2005 for McAfee customers. Partners hosting VirusScreen need to EOL the product, and optionally migrate their customers to McAfee Managed Mail Protection. Managed Mail is not available for hosting by partners
McAfee Vulnerability Manager (formerly Foundstone Enterprise)
5.0 26-Jul-06 31-Dec-08  
McAfee WebShield for Solaris Product End of Life
    18-Oct-04 End of Life
McAfee WebShield SMTP
    4.5 MR1a (English) 28-Feb-06
    4.5 MR1A (Japanese) 30-Apr-06
McAfee Wireless Security for Small Business (formerly McAfee Wireless Guard)
      End of Sale: June 30, 2007 Customers will be supported through the end of their current subscriptions.
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Legacy EOL Information from Secure Computing & Security
CyberGuard TSP Appliance Software EOL Date
6.1.3   Jul-05  
6.1.2   Apr-05  
6.1.1   Dec-04  
McAfee E-Business Server
McAfee E-Business Client
7.1.1 04-Mar-02 31-Oct-08 Supports: Windows, Solaris, Linux, HPUX, AIX
7.1   31-Oct-08  
McAfee E-Business Server for S390 w/IBM Linux
7.1.1   31-Oct-08  
McAfee E-Business Server Com API, Java API, Perl API
7.1   31-Oct-08  
Global Command Center - Software EOL Date for Sidewinder and SnapGear
3.2   1-Mar-08  
3.1   31-Dec-07  
3   01-Jun-07  
2.5.2   31-Oct-05  
2.5.1   31-Mar-05  
2.5   30-Nov-04  
2   30-Jun-04  
N2H2 Bess and Sentian Product List EOL Date
Bess i2100 Managed Service 4.0   Sep-06 Proprietary
Bess®/Sentian™ 3.5   Sep-06 WIN 2003, WIN 2000
Bess/Sentian 2.5   Sep-06 RHL 7.2 or 7.3, RHEL 2.1
N2H2 database EOL Date  
N2 2 Digest   Sep-07  
N2 Novell ICS   Sep-06  
N2 i2100 3 & 4   Sep-06  
N2 i2100 catserver   Sep-06  
N2 1 digest   Sep-06  
Sidewinder (G2) software only (not appliances) EOL Date Product End of Life
6.1.1.x   Dec-06  
6.1.0.x   Dec-06  
6.0.x   Feb-06  
5.2.x   Dec-04  
5.1.x   Feb-03  
5.0.x   30-Jun-02  
Sidewinder G2® Enterprise Manager - Appliance Software EOL Date
6.1.0.x   Mar-07  
6.0.x   Feb-06  
5.2.1   Dec-04  
SmartFilter EOL Date
SmartFilter - Volera (IFP) 30-Jun-07 30Jun-08  
SmartFilter - UFP (FW-1) 30-Jun-07 30-Jun-08  
SmartFilter 4.1.x 30-Jun-07 30-Jun-08 Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP Pro, RHL 9.0, Red Hat ES 3.0 or 4.0, Solaris 8 or 9
SmartFilter - Cisco CE 30-Jun-07 30-Apr-08  
SmartFilter 4.0.x   Sep-07 Win 2000, Win 2003, RHL 7.3, RHL 9.0, Red Hat ES 3.0, Solaris 8 or 9
SmartFilter 3.x.x   Sep-06 Win 2000, RHL 7.2, RHL 9.0, Solaris 2.6 or 8
SmartFilter Control List SDK 4.1.x May-05 May-07 Various OEM Platforms
SmartFilter Control List SDK 4.0.x   Apr-06 Various OEM Platforms
SmartFilter Control List SDK 3.x   Sep-06 Various OEM Platforms
SmartFilter Database EOL Date
SmartFilter 3.x 3P   Jul-04 Dec-08
SmartFilter 3.x 3S   Jul-04 Dec-08
SmartFilter 3.x 3W   Jul-04 Sep-06
SmartFilter 3.x 3M   Jul-04 Sep-06
Webwasher EOL Date
Webwasher 6.0 1 Mar-07 Dec-07 Debian 3.1, RHES 3.0 or 4.0, Solaris 8, 9 or 10, SLES 8.0 or 9.0, WIN 2000 or 2003
Webwasher 5.2   Dec-06  
Webwasher 5.2# Nov-07 Dec-06 Debian 3.0 or 3.1, RHES 3.0, SLES 8.0 or 9.0, Solaris 8 or 9, WIN 2000 or 2003
ZIX Message Inspector   Dec-06 Windows
ZIX Web Inspector   Dec-06 Windows
Securify EOL Date
Securify SecurVantage 5.1   Jan-07  
Securify SecurVantage 5.0   Sep-06  
Securify SecurVantage 4.x   Dec-05  
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