McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine

McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine

Detección de amenazas avanzada y dedicada, basada en el riesgo y los datos en tiempo real

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Descripción general

McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine supervisa los datos en tiempo real, lo que le permite utilizar simultáneamente dos motores de correlación para detectar riesgos y amenazas antes de que se produzcan. McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine puede desplegarse con McAfee Enterprise Security Manager para identificar y calificar eventos de amenazas en tiempo real mediante lógica basada en el riesgo y las reglas.

Dos motores de correlación dedicados y rendimiento creado ex profeso. McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine complementa la correlación de eventos de McAfee Enterprise Security Manager con un motor de detección del riesgo que genera una puntuación de este mediante la correlación de puntuaciones del riesgo sin reglas, y un motor de detección de amenazas que detecta estas utilizando la correlación de eventos basada en reglas.

Capacidad de proceso para apoyar una completa correlación de eventos en toda su empresa. El independiente McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine se adapta incluso a las redes de mayor tamaño.

Evaluación de alertas y riesgos en tiempo real: identifique los recursos (usuarios o grupos de usuarios, solicitudes, servidores o subredes específicos) y McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine le avisará si están amenazados. Los registros de auditoría y las reproducciones de históricos ayudan a realizar análisis forenses, a cumplir las normativas y a ajustar las reglas.

Identificación y calificación de amenazas: McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine se instala junto con McAfee Enterprise Security Manager para identificar y calificar los eventos de amenazas en tiempo real utilizando la lógica basada en reglas y la lógica basada en el riesgo.

SIEM tools are key to improving incident response

Read SANS Report

McAfee is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM

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Características y beneficios

Detección de amenazas en modo de tiempo real e histórico

McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine se puede desplegar en modo de tiempo real o histórico. En el modo de tiempo real, McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine analiza los eventos a medida que se recopilan para detectar inmediatamente el riesgo y las amenazas. La correlación basada en reglas de datos de eventos en tiempo real permite detectar las amenazas en el momento en que se producen, y con la correlación sin reglas de datos de eventos en tiempo real se detectan las amenazas mientras se van desarrollando.

Haga un modelo del riesgo empresarial

Proporcione el modelo exacto de los riesgos de las empresas mediante la calificación de atributos importantes. Desarrolle una línea de base y envíe notificaciones cuando se superan los umbrales normales.

Saque partido de las evaluaciones de riesgos proactivas de los datos críticos

Utilice simultáneamente ambos motores de correlación para detectar los riesgos y las amenazas antes de que se produzcan, y de esta forma poder utilizar las puntuaciones del riesgo dentro de la lógica tradicional de correlación.

Evalúe las amenazas recurrentes

Despliegue McAfee Advanced Correlation Engine en modo histórico para reproducir conjuntos de datos históricos a través de los motores de correlación tradicionales y sin reglas.

Requisitos del sistema

Especificaciones de hardware ACE-2600 ACE-3450
Índices de recopilación 50 000 eventos por segundo1 100 000 eventos por segundo1
Almacenamiento local 1,8 TB2 1,8 TB2

  1. Basado en entornos de red típicos utilizando agregación media de flujo y eventos.
  2. Representa el evento útil y almacenamiento de flujos, después de la configuración RAID.

Demostraciones y tutoriales


Built for big security data, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence for McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) puts the power of McAfee Labs directly into the security monitoring flow using McAfee’s high-speed, highly intelligent security information and event management (SIEM) solution.

Premios y críticas

Gartner sitúa a McAfee como líder en el Cuadrante mágico en el ámbito de la información de seguridad y administración de eventos (SIEM), por la integridad de su visión y su capacidad en la ejecución

El mercado de información de seguridad y administración de eventos (SIEM) se caracteriza por la necesidad de los clientes de analizar los datos de los eventos de seguridad en tiempo real para la gestión de amenazas internas y externas, y de recopilar, almacenar y analizar los datos (y elaborar reportes sobre los mismos) para cumplir con los requisitos normativos y los análisis forenses. Los proveedores incluidos en el análisis de Gartner tienen tecnologías que se han diseñado para este fin, y comercializan y venden activamente estas tecnologías al centro de venta de seguridad.

Experiencias de los clientes

Airport Cologne Bonn (English)

The Cologne Bonn Airport is optimizing its IT security with the help of the SIEM solution from McAfee.

Aspectos destacados
  • Extended options for Security Incident Response and Forensic processes
  • Results-based analyses
  • Improved options for auditing and compliance tasks
  • Automatic and targeted handling of threats and faults

McAfee (English)

McAfee integrates NitroSecurity products into its portfolio, improving its SIEM offering.

Aspectos destacados
  • Significantly shortens time to analyze security events from four to six days to less than 10 minutes
  • Decreases time to produce PCI compliance reports from eight to 12 hours to 10 minutes
  • Saves administrative time and manual maintenance while eliminating unnecessary activities
  • Facilitates disaster recovery and allows for proper use of virtual machines
  • Improves the organization’s overall security posture in the industry

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (English)

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) offers programs in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, biomedicine and health sciences.

Aspectos destacados
  • Extensible compliance reporting.
  • Block thousands of attacks.
  • Security audits in minutes.
  • Improve visibility and productivity.

Volusion (English)

Volusion creates comprehensive and scalable security and compliance strategies with McAfee SIEM.

Aspectos destacados
  • Scaled to support growth.
  • Query 300 million events in five seconds.
  • Decreased maintenance time by 40%.

Wüstenrot Gruppe (English)

Wüstenrot selected McAfee ESM model ETM-4600-ELM. With the ability to log at least 1,000 events per second (EPS), McAfee ESM was the ideal choice to meet Wüstenrot’s requirements.

Aspectos destacados
  • Implementation in only 15 days
  • High-performance, accurate logging of data from 100 sources
  • Handling of more than 1,000 events per minute
  • Robust log archiving and encryption capabilities
  • Configurable dashboards to support a full range of data types and reporting


Fichas técnicas

SIEM Solutions from McAfee (English)

Continuously monitor, identify, investigate, and resolve threats.

McAfee Collector Plug-in (English)

For a technical summary on the McAfee product listed above, please view the product data sheet.

Advanced Correlation Engine

Si desea ver un resumen técnico del producto McAfee indicado, consulte la ficha técnica del mismo.


Focus on 5 - Threat Intelligence SIEM Requirements (English)

McAfee spoke with customers about integrating SIEM with Threat Intelligence and how it helped their effort to mitigate bad actors.

Libros blancos

SANS White Paper: Be Ready for a Breach with Intelligent Response (English)

How do we get more visibility into attacks across our environments, improve our response, and reduce response time? The solution is automating functions that should be automated and connecting the dots between detection systems and response. Connecting these dots and applying intelligence provides responders rich context into the observed behaviors for taking action. Integrating these processes improves accuracy, while reducing time, manpower, and costs involved in detecting and managing events. This white paper explores how to achieve this.

SANS Survey: Incident Response – How to Fight Back (English)

SANS recently surveyed incident response (IR) teams to get a clearer picture of what they're up against today. The results are in; most organizations lack formalized IR plans, they expressed a need to collect and correlate threat intelligence and SIEM tools are their focus for improving IR capabilities.

Security Management 2.5 – Replacing Your SIEM Yet? (English)

This paper will walk you through the entire process — from soup to nuts — of evaluating, selecting, and deploying a SIEM. It offers pragmatic advice on how to get it done based on years working through this process as both consumers and vendors of SIEM technology. The process is not always painless, but we are certain it will help you avoid foundering on bad technology and inter-office politics. You owe it to yourself and your organization to ask the right questions and to get answers. It is time to slay the sacred cow of your substantial SIEM investment, and to figure out your best path forward.

SANS Institute: Correlating Event Data for Vulnerability Detection & Remediation (English)

Learn how network attacks can be avoided by utilizing a SIEM platform that combines historical data with real-time data from network sources and security policies to provide context around application usage, user behaviors, and other operations — for better, more accurate reporting.

Achieving Security through Compliance - Part 1: Policies, plans, and procedures (English)

This is the first part of a six-part series on compliance-driven security. This paper will illustrate how a well-structured security governance program with fully developed and implemented policies, plans, and procedures will strengthen an organization’s security posture.

El desafío de los grandes volúmenes de datos de seguridad en el ámbito de la seguridad

En este informe se abordan las dificultades que plantea la gestión de Big Data en el ámbito de la seguridad y se ponen de relieve los criterios básicos que deben considerar las empresas para procesar la información de seguridad, dada la naturaleza dinámica del panorama de las amenazas en la actualidad.

Continuous Compliance: Is It a Reality? (English)

In this paper, we explore the subject of continuous compliance versus audit-driven compliance, as well as how an ongoing approach to compliance makes compliance a positive force for securing data and systems.

Security Information and Event Management (English)

McAfee EDB data management technology handles all of these SIEM/logging requirements. It is designed, implemented, maintained, and tested by our world-class in-house development team to meet the demanding requirements of SIEM/logging and leverage all of the capabilities of appropriate emerging technologies such as modern operating systems, multicore CPUs, solid state and RAM drives, and large amounts of main memory.

Planes detallados de tecnología

Investigate Data Breaches (English)

McAfee enables enterprises to collect, analyze, and preserve security forensic information. With a solution that includes content- and context-aware SIEM, McAfee provides alerts to security events, as well analysis on how the attacked occurred, affected users, and compromised data — so you can better understand the severity of a security breach.

Achieve Situational Awareness (English)

The McAfee solution has two primary components: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, with additional integrations to extend visibility and control across the entire security and compliance management environment.


When Minutes Count (English)

How experts fight advanced threats with real-time SIEM and identification of eight key indicators of attack.

SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey (English)

This paper explores the use of analytics and intelligence today and exposes the impediments to successful implementation. Organizations that are deploying analytics and intelligence properly are experiencing faster response and detection times, as well as greater visibility. However, many are confused about how to integrate and automate their intelligence collection processes.

McAfee Positioned in Leaders Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for SIEM (English)

Broad adoption of SIEM technology is being driven by the need to detect threats and breaches, as well as by compliance needs. Early breach discovery requires effective user activity, data access and application activity monitoring. Vendors are improving threat intelligence and security analytics. Leading analyst firm Gartner has placed McAfee as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management.

[Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.]

Security Management 2.0—Time to Replace Your SIEM? (English)

This report takes a candid look at triggers for considering a new security management platform, walking through each aspect of the decision, and presenting a process to migrate.

Resúmenes de soluciones

A Case for the Value of SIEM: The Security Evolution (English)

With the advent of big data, traditional SIEM solutions that focus only on logging and compliance reporting fall short of the demands of today’s enterprises for threat intelligence, correlation, and remediation. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, the core of the McAfee SIEM solution, is both smart and fast. Its proprietary information management back end, purpose-built for managing big data, offers the critical combination of intelligence and speed.

Manage Risk and Security (English)

This solution guide addresses the importance of implementing a strategic security and risk management program focused on prevention and protection, reducing incidents and risks across the enterprise, across every device, and across the entire IT infrastructure.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, Services Solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) (English)

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager offers the advanced scalability, flexibility, and control you need to protect your customers’ business, and grow yours.

SIEM Compliance Made Easy (English)

The McAfee SIEM solution, Enterprise Security Manager, addresses today’s complex compliance challenges by combining an established unified compliance framework with superior abilities to collect, retrieve, and protect the data required to assess and demonstrate compliance in real time. It’s tightly integrated log collection, management, analysis, and reporting improves an organization’s ability to meet compliance requirements through frameworks, streamlined workflow, and automation.



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