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McAfee Product Essentials

Learn the skills to successfully deploy and manage McAfee security solutions, including endpoint protection, network security, and data protection products. Our range of Essentials e-Learning Courses are self-paced, modular courses you can complete at your own schedule. Each course includes multiple modules broken down into four- to ten-minute topics, so consumption of the content is as easy and efficient as possible.

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All Essentials e-Learning Courses are delivered through the McAfee-hosted Learning Management System (LMS), allowing you to track your progress and access courses anywhere there is an Internet connection. To browse and register for courses, visit McAfee Education Services.

McAfee Security Awareness

Most organizations need some form of security awareness training that meets compliance standards. While many organizations choose videos that merely “check the box,” time spent performing annual training shouldn’t be wasted. This course has been designed from the ground up to not only inform users but change user behavior.

  • Designed by behavioral scientists, these videos incorporate educational techniques grounded in behavior modification methodology.
  • Security training with mass appeal, not aimed at only “techies.”
  • More than 20 lessons on security topics, including data protection, phishing, internal threats, working remotely, social engineering, physical security, and more.
  • Additional role-based content available to tailor training to your needs.
  • Fully compliant with standards for delivering e-learning training content (SCORM) and for those with disabilities (U.S. Federal Section 508).
  • Meets annual awareness compliance requirements for all major standards, including (but not limited to) PCI, FISMA/NIST, COBIT, ISO 27001/27002, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and NERC/FERC.

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Training is available through your organization's LMS or the cloud-based McAfee-hosted LMS platform.. Please email or call us to register for this training.

McAfee Hacker Academy

McAfee Hacker Academy online training platform helps students and professionals all over the world learn the necessary skills to defend organizations against today’s advanced cyberthreats. McAfee Hacker Academy offers courses for every individual within your organization — from general security training to specific role-based training for the most technical security experts.

What sets McAfee Hacker Academy apart from any other computer-based security training is the ability to practice your skills in our virtual lab environment, available as a virtual machine download or in the cloud. Once you've mastered the skills, verify and track your progress by taking our skills assessment quiz.And once you’ve completed a lesson through McAfee Hacker Academy, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that can be used to verify continuing education credits, CEUs, or CPEs.

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Choose the training method that works for you — either download virtual machine images or launch H.A.C.K.S. (Hacker Academy Cloud Knowledge Source), our on-demand, cloud-based lab environment. Please email or call us to register for this training.

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