McAfee Trust & Safety

Setting the industry standard for quality in cybersecurity

What is the McAfee Trust and Safety Initiative?
The McAfee Trust and Safety Initiative is a McAfee company-wide effort designed to continue to bring you the most effective protection while also leading the industry in quality standards. These standards are woven into our product development processes, support and services, technical innovations, and security information.

What are the components of the McAfee Trust and Safety Initiative?

Quality Assurance
Our goal is to continue to offer you the most robust, rapidly-delivered security while minimizing risk by instituting industry-leading quality practices and stringent processes. Among others, our efforts here include:

  • Triple redundant QA process. McAfee has instituted a QA process that includes three levels of testing before each product release.
  • Automated, stringent change control. McAfee has developed advanced automation tools with multi-level alerting to ensure full change control process compliance.
  • Extensive independent audits. McAfee has commissioned a Big Four deep audit of our QA processes, including people, process, and file delivery methods.

Technical Innovation
Our goal is to evolve McAfee products ahead of the threat landscape, while building in quality throughout. Some of our efforts here include:

  • Advanced threat protection. McAfee has augmented its threat intelligence capability to conduct proactive threat prospecting.
  • Enhanced accuracy. McAfee has instituted checks against our extensive white list of known good files and malware signature monitoring to enhance product quality and accuracy.

Support and Services
Our goal is to offer support and services to give you increased confidence in your security. A key component in this area is:

  • McAfee Total Care Services. McAfee provides a suite of remote services to set up, tune up, or repair your computer in the most convenient and secure way.

Security Information
Our goal is to remain at the forefront of security information and education, and to tackle the security challenges you face head-on. Our efforts here include:

  • McAfee Threat Intelligence. McAfee will soon offer searchable online information with the broadest array of threat information in the industry.
  • McAfee on Facebook. McAfee remains at the forefront of security issues and shares our expertise on our Facebook page.
  • Consumer Advisory Board. This advisory board is made up of experts in both online and offline security. The Board provides us with input on our products and educational material.