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Jackpot! Money Laundering Through Online Gambling
This in-depth report details a common way in which cyber thieves launder money – through online gambling sites.

Jackpot! Money Laundering Through Online Gambling
This Executive Summary highlights a common way in which cyber thieves launder money – through online gambling sites.

NSS Labs Enterprise EPP Comparative Analysis, Socially Engineered Malware
Learn about why NSS Labs ranked McAfee as the top vendor for endpoint protection products for socially engineered malware protection, exploit protection, and phishing protection.
Topics: Endpoint Protection

McAfee Delivers Comprehensive Threat Protection for the Financial Services Industry
This solution brief explains how the McAfee Security Connected approach provides advanced threat protection for the financial services industry and prevents targeted attacks.

Improve the Security of Office 365
Learn about how McAfee Email Protection solutions can be implemented with Microsoft Office 365 for a comprehensive, layered defense against threats.

Evolving HBSS to Protect and Enable the Modern Warfighter’s Mission
This paper will examine the future of HBSS and make measurable, tangible recommendations to not only increase overall security and capabilities, but also to lessen the management burden, lower the overall total cost of ownership, allow for better results, particularly in D-DIL environments, and allow JIE real-time operational control over HBSS assets.

Signature-less IPS: Secure Beyond the Signature
Learn how the McAfee signature-less intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology is changing the way malware is detected and blocked. Signature-based detection provides an important foundation for intrusion inspection, but a layered signature-less architecture greatly enhances malware detection and reduces the risk. Read about the seven signature-less detection methods McAfee offers and how they are transforming IPS.

Beyond Layer-7 Visibility: A Simpler Path to Endpoint Intelligence
Security products with layer-7 visibility are great. But in order to dramatically improve your understanding of security events, you need to extend your vision to the specific application processes responsible for initiating a connection. It’s something we call Beyond Layer-7 Visibility.
Topics: Endpoint Protection

Intel Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things
Discover the connectivity and interoperability benefits of intelligent gateways

Network Management and Operational Efficiency
In this white paper, we look at how McAfee Security Management Center, which is included in McAfee Next Generation Firewall, enables IT administrators to be more efficient, especially as their networks increase in complexity. Simple, scalable, and cost effective, McAfee Security Management Center has received consistently high customer satisfaction ratings over the past 10 years.