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Phishing Deceives the Masses: Lessons Learned from a Global Assessment
This report takes an in-depth look at what can be learned from the McAfee Phishing Quiz, and how business can build defenses against phishing attacks.

Best Practices for Data Loss Prevention: A Process, Not a Technology
Most effective DLP solutions are implemented as a business process, rather than a “set and forget” technology. This latest Gartner report identifies some key challenges CISOs face and provides guidance on a business process approach to a successful DLP implementation.

25 years of firewalls. What's next?
2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the firewall. While this humble innovation has evolved to become one of the must-have solutions of today, the question is, are firewalls ready to deal with the security threats of the next 25 years? To get to the core of this question, Intel Security commissioned IBRS, an IT advisory services company located in Asia Pacific, to facilitate a series of roundtables in November 2014, where IT security managers and security executives discussed the evolution of firewalls and the future of this technology. This report is a summary and analysis of the key conversations covered at those events.

McAfee Labs Threats Report: November 2014
McAfee Labs’ analysis of key threat topics and trends plus 2015 threats predictions.
Topics: McAfee Labs

Counterattacking BERserk
Trust is no longer present when the privacy, integrity, and authenticity of our information is called into question. Learn how you can protect your company against attacks that attempt to exploit the BERserk vulnerability.
Topics: McAfee Labs

Abuse of Trust
Attackers prey upon the institution of trust in many ways, with exploiting unsuspecting victims the primary pursuit. Learn how McAfee security technology can help protect against attacks seeking to abuse the trust your company has in its day-to-day operations.
Topics: McAfee Labs

SANS White Paper: Be Ready for a Breach with Intelligent Response
How do we get more visibility into attacks across our environments, improve our response, and reduce response time? The solution is automating functions that should be automated and connecting the dots between detection systems and response. Connecting these dots and applying intelligence provides responders rich context into the observed behaviors for taking action. Integrating these processes improves accuracy, while reducing time, manpower, and costs involved in detecting and managing events. This white paper explores how to achieve this.

Advanced Threat Defense for Network IPS
Many of today’s unknown, zero-day threats evade traditional signature-based defenses. The addition of third-party sandbox appliances can help, but they have several limitations: high cost of deployment, reliance on a generic virtualized environments, and limited analysis techniques, making the sandbox vulnerable to crafty malware designed to bypass analysis. McAfee Network Security Platform IPS and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense work together to find sophisticated threats, freeze them so they cannot infiltrate, and fix the damage done.

When Minutes Count
How experts fight advanced threats with real-time SIEM and identification of eight key indicators of attack.

Network Performance and Security
This report discusses how CIOs and CISOs can avoid risky tradeoffs and boost threat defenses by deploying next-generation firewalls that are built for both security and network performance.