McAfee Security Connected Reference Architecture

Adaptive strategies to address today’s top five security concerns

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The Security Connected platform from McAfee provides a unified framework for hundreds of products, services, and partners. Any organization can improve its security posture and minimize operational costs through its innovative concepts, optimized processes, and practical savings.

Our Reference Architecture provides a concrete path from ideas to implementation. Use it to adapt the Security Connected concepts to your unique risks, infrastructure, and business objectives. Solution guides outline broad security challenges and best practice considerations. Technology blueprints provide a deeper dive into the McAfee solution, detailing product functionality and additional technical considerations.

Counter Stealth Malware

Implement layered security controls that block, detect, and defeat stealth attacks.

Manage Risk and Security

Limit your exposure to security risks that reveal customer data and internal assets.

Neutralize Advanced Threats

No individual product can catch all attacks, but a system of systems can provide full coverage and minimize the damage and cleanup costs.

Protect Information

Secure sensitive information on databases, file servers, smartphones, email servers, and USB drives — while keeping it accessible to multiple users and groups.

Protect the Data Center

Safeguard the operational backbone of your organization so you can better adapt to the demands of consolidation, virtualization, and cloud platforms.

Securely Enable Social Media

Safely embrace social media activities while mitigating risk, ensuring that you can monitor and better control how sensitive information is shared online.

Secure Mobile Devices

Manage the evolving risks mobile devices present, and implement an effective and scalable mobile security strategy.


Reference Architecture for Public Sector

McAfee provides solutions that meet the unique security challenges and scalability requirements facing public agencies and government entities.

Achieve Resilient Cyber-Readiness

Learn about the three cyber-readiness solution requirements: continuous asset intelligence, risk assessment across IT and operational assets, and integration with computerized decision support systems.

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

Continuous monitoring is a network lifestyle for greater resilience. It requires a shift in mindset, from reaction and documentation to proactive, data-centric, risk-based action.

Operationalize Intelligence-Driven Response

Learn about the three frameworks required for intelligence-driven response to be effective: decision, detection, and analysis.

Protect Critical Infrastructure

Securing critical infrastructure requires protecting multiple zones, including enterprise IT, SCADA, and industrial control systems (ICS), to meet compliance regulations and ensure continuous system availability.

Get Smarter Protection: Security Connected from McAfee

A unified framework for hundreds of products, services, and partners helps you improve your security posture and minimize costs.

Get smarter protection. McAfee Security Connected.

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