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No matter where you live the benefits of secured and protected digitized healthcare information improves quality of care. In various stages, healthcare providers are deploying and strive to provide meaningful use of electronic health record systems while balancing budgets and adhering to HIPAA compliance and other security regulations. Electronic medical record systems may require an overhaul of network and additional servers, and more storage to accommodate these systems. These systems must also be protected from reasonably anticipated risks, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Providers are also looking to medical devices for remote care support. They are increasing the use of existing diagnostic and imaging systems that frequently are connected and integrated into the digital health systems. The physicians and clinicians are asking for mobile device access to all of these systems and electronic communication with their patients. Healthcare IT and managing security has never been so complicated across such a diverse and heterogeneous environment connecting and protecting data, enabling doctors, and managing risk and compliance.

McAfee helps to ease the burden and cost of healthcare security and risk management giving visibility and unique security controls across the healthcare ecosystem. Value-driven operational efficiencies in Health IT security management save time, trouble, and money. Our solutions integrated with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence provide faster security protections from emerging reputation-based cyber threats and easier security policy management of the solutions through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software.

Privacy Breach Detection

Healthcare risk management is not just about managing HIPAA or regional compliance, but creating faster medical data breach detection with McAfee’s Security Connected framework.

Healthcare Mobile Device Security

Security management that encompasses mobile devices and systems with supporting network, application, and data security gives the timely insight and protection for the critical workflows and data needed for healthcare services.

Medical Device Security

McAfee’s continued effort working with manufacturers and providers enable better medical device security.

Security, compliance, and usability is possible in the healthcare industry

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The Internet of Things is shaping the future of medical technology

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