McAfee SECURE Business Ready Program

Mobile security can’t be an afterthought. Build it directly into your devices.

The McAfee SECURE Business Ready Program opens new avenues to device manufacturers and mobile service providers. It creates an opportunity in the enterprise with every mobile device purchased. When customers buy a McAfee SECURE Business Ready device, they find it easier to bring their device to work. By joining this program, McAfee partners can further differentiate their offerings and find new revenue streams in the corporate segment.

How it Works

When you load a device with McAfee VirusScan Mobile or McAfee Mobile Security, you can also load the McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (McAfee EMM) client software, so they can be securely connected to their corporate network and business applications in a McAfee EMM-enabled workplace. Customers will see the McAfee SECURE Business Ready trustmark and know that a single secure device is ready to support them in all the ways they live and work. They get freedom and security, without concern that IT policies will conflict with personal apps, security settings, or private data. Enterprise IT administrators will be able to use their McAfee EMM software and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) management environment to manage these "business ready" devices. They can enable users' devices with secure access to the corporate network and business applications, extending the enterprise to embrace mobile business devices.


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McAfee VirusScan Mobile

McAfee VirusScan Mobile software secures mobile devices by scanning and cleaning files, emails, Internet downloads, text and MMS messages, and attachments.

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McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (McAfee EMM)

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management software enables enterprises to offer employees mobile device choice, while delivering secure and easy access to mobile corporate applications with secure mobile application access, strong authentication, high availability, a scalable architecture, and compliance reporting via McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform.

Key Benefits

  • Opportunities for device manufacturers and service providers to be on the approved list of enterprise IT providers
  • Listing on McAfee SECURE Business Ready partner page
  • Visibility from McAfee marketing to businesses to buy McAfee SECURE Business Ready devices
  • Early access to beta products for testing
  • Partners may feature the "McAfee SECURE™ Business Ready" trustmark in marketing materials and product packaging   
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