Supplier Portal

Supplier Ethics

McAfee expects all McAfee employees and suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct and ethical expectations, regardless of local business practices or social customs. Go to our Supplier Ethics Expectations web page to read a letter from McAfee reminding our suppliers of these expectations, and to access training and other valuable information.

Supplier Diversity Program

The McAfee Supplier Diversity Program encourages the use of minority-, women-, and disabled veteran-owned businesses (MWDVBEs) while maintaining best-in-class supply chain practices for obtaining goods and services.

McAfee Purchase Terms and Conditions

Please read McAfee’s Purchase Terms and Conditions.

Supplier Security Requirements

McAfee requires suppliers to comply with McAfee Security Policy and best practice. It is imperative that all suppliers adhere to a minimum set of security standards contained here based upon the level of information that will be provided by McAfee. Suppliers and contractors are required to implement all of the controls defined within the following documents:

Global External Workforce Policy

To conduct its business efficiently, McAfee contracts with Suppliers whose workers perform services on McAfee premises or utilizing McAfee infrastructure and IT systems to perform services for McAfee. McAfee takes meaningful steps to maintain a distinction between its own employees and external workers (employees and subcontracted resources) of McAfee Suppliers. All McAfee Suppliers must comply with McAfee's Global External Workforce Policy with respect to those workers.