McAfee Secure Container for Android

Enhanced data security and encryption for files on Android devices

With the popular use of personal devices in the workplace, keeping enterprise data and intellectual property secure on Android devices is a constant balancing act. The open Android platform lacks native encryption and password functionality making it vulnerable to device, data, and application breaches — including any enterprise data stored there.

Add a Vault to McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management
The McAfee Secure Container for Android app lets enterprises balance IT security with device flexibility. This add-on to McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management software creates an encrypted and manageable data store on each smartphone and tablet. Enterprise data stays locked inside the container, safe from malware and risky interaction with the personal apps. Security policies are applied and managed through the centralized management console within McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management software.

Secure Access to Enterprise Data
McAfee Secure Container for Android provides another layer of security to the Android platform. Passwords and/or pins are used to secure access to corporate data in the container. IT administrators can align password and pin requirements to corporate security policies.

Keep Corporate Data Safe
Corporate email, contacts, and calendars are segregated from personal data and confined to the secure container. IT administrators can apply security policies to prevent copy and pasting of data from the container to other applications or to block email attachments from being saved outside of the encrypted data store, preventing corporate data loss.

Remove Sensitive Data Quickly
If an Android device becomes lost or stolen, IT administrators can selectively wipe the secure container to immediately remove the sensitive business data and prevent third parties from accessing confidential and proprietary information.

Simplify the Data Security
McAfee Secure Container for Android is a single email agent that IT can standardize on for Android — it’s the same app regardless of Android configuration, version, or device manufacturer. The experience is seamless from the end-user point of view — emails sync quickly and you can import and search corporate data in near real time.


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