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An eight-time Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for IPS.

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Intrusion Prevention, Targeted Threat Detection & Firewall

Network Security Products

Our network security solutions include network intrusion prevention, advanced sandboxing detection, and a next-generation firewall, all designed from the ground up to work together and protect your network from the next generation of network-based attacks. Built around the concept of Security Connected, our framework provides maximum availability, flexibility, and manageability with minimum overhead and risk. With a proven record in network security protection, Intel Security is the partner of choice for the most security-conscious companies and governments worldwide.

McAfee Network Security Platform

Discover and block sophisticated threats in the network. Using a collection of advanced detection techniques, McAfee Network Security Platform (IPS) defends against never-before-seen attacks, while providing robust investigative workflows that help administrators minimize alert noise and find breaches quicker.

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Detect advanced targeted attacks and get actionable threat information. Unlike traditional sandboxes, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense broadens detection and exposes evasive threats. Tight integration between Intel Security solutions—from network to endpoint—enables instant sharing of information across the environment, enhancing protection and investigation to correct and recover post-attack.

McAfee Next Generation Firewall

McAfee Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) secures enterprises against the most advanced attacks with highly available, scalable, and flexible cutting-edge network protections, all supported by Security Connected, the industry’s broadest and most sophisticated anti-threat ecosystem.

Additional Network Security Protection