Firewall Quality of Service

Manage bandwidth for your most important traffic

McAfee Next Generation Firewall enables detailed control on what network traffic is allowed and how it is processed. By utilizing the same rule base, you can easily classify traffic traversing the firewall for traffic shaping. Quality of service bits (TOS/DSCP) can be set to the packets with the same granularity level used to configure firewall access rules. Obtaining the optimum quality of service in your large network has never been easier.

Based on traffic classification, McAfee Next Generation Firewall can also set limits and priorities for different types of traffic. Business traffic such as VoIP, ERP, critical transactions, and important websites can receive precedence over other types of traffic. Utilizing McAfee Security Management Center, easily set bandwidth guarantees and/or limits to different types of traffic so that the important business communication will always have the required amount of bandwidth available, and non-business traffic will not exceed defined bandwidth limits.