McAfee SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite

McAfee SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite

SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite

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Simplify email management and storage. McAfee SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite is a cloud-based solution that blocks more than 99% of spam, viruses, and other malware before they reach your network. It also provides unlimited in-the-cloud storage, enabling web-based email access and management in case of a planned or unplanned outage.

Complete inbound email protection — SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite monitors and analyzes incoming message traffic in real time, while concealing critical messaging gateways and shielding email servers from attack. McAfee’s patented voting algorithm detects and blocks spam, proprietary WormTraq technology defeats zero-hour attacks, and industry-leading Global Threat Intelligence blocks viruses and other malware.

Automated and unlimited email archiving — Cloud-based, automatic rolling email storage saves time and money, and reduces risk.

Continuous email access and use — Web-based access to email ensures employees are always connected, even during an outage. SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite enables you to manually set parameters to accommodate scheduled maintenance and prepare for disaster recovery, without the need to maintain offsite storage. Powerful email search capabilities can track down a single message or thousands of messages in seconds.

Simplified email management — With McAfee’s Security-as-a-Service, all detection, filtering, quarantine, backup, and recovery functions are handled at our secure facilities. SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite reduces the need for additional IT resources, and new hardware and software purchases.

Features & Benefits

Block threats before they reach your network

Stop more than 99% of spam, viruses, worms, phishing scams, and fraudulent emails. McAfee SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite includes perimeter IP filtering to block web-based and blended threats before they reach your network, reducing the time and cost needed to remove malware.

Ensure email availability and business continuity

Archive and instantly access email messages anytime, even during a planned or unplanned server outage. You get full access via a secure, easy-to-use web interface, so you can count on uninterrupted protection for all inbound and outbound messages.

Utilize powerful email search capabilities

Access a single message or thousands of messages in seconds, with no need for IT support. Use either simple or advanced search criteria, including sender, receiver, date range, message content, and even attachment content. SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite features expedited recovery for specific messages required for review, compliance, and e-discovery.

Comply with email retention requirements

Meet document retention requirements economically and efficiently. Archive every inbound, outbound, internal, and even historical email to meet regulatory and legal requirements. Unlimited, in-the-cloud storage scales appropriately to fit your exact needs, while robust transport and storage featuring 256-bit encryption, protects emails.

Avoid capital expenditures

Get the most sophisticated features at the most attractive price point. With McAfee’s Security-as-a-Service model, there’s no hardware or software to buy or maintain, and no long-term contract commitment. Storage licensing options of one year or longer are available.

Streamline email management

Protect corporate intelligence as it’s generated, without the management burden. SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite’s feature-rich, web-based administration console allows you to establish specific filtering policies, set quarantine parameters, configure routing, monitor activity, and more.

Get flexible email routing

Keep multiple email domains in order. McAfee SaaS Email Intelligent Routing is an optional in-the-cloud service that seamlessly adds new local domains to your existing public-facing domain and redirects email to the appropriate servers and recipients. It simplifies email administration, lowers operating costs, and keeps your brand intact.

Rely on McAfee’s 24/7 customer support

Count on our highly trained support specialists to answer your questions and help resolve any issues around the clock.

System Requirements

You will need your own mail domain, such as; a static IP address or hostname that resolves to an IP address; and a dedicated mail server, either in-house or hosted by an ISP.

Activation starts with a simple mail exchanger (MX) record redirection. You can begin filtering using pre-established default settings, or you can easily fine-tune the settings to your specifications through our intuitive web-based administration console.

Awards / Reviews

McAfee Named One of the 20 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors by CRN, 2012

The Intel-owned security company has been preaching cloud security measures since before the cloud truly formed. McAfee’s central cloud piece is the Cloud Security Platform, which secures content and data—e-mail, Web and identity—as it moves to and from the cloud.

SC Magazine 2011
McAfee Email Protection Earns Prestigious 5-Star Rating from SC Magazine

With five stars across the board in every product rating category, McAfee Email Protection was awarded the top 5-Star Rating by SC Magazine – measured on its features, ease of use, performance, documentation, support and value for the money.

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McAfee SaaS Email Security & Archiving Suite

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Solution Briefs

Complete Email Security and Access, Without the Management Burdens or Costs

Protect your users, IT infrastructure, and intellectual property while ensuring business continuity and compliance.

White Papers

Email Encryption Made Simple

Organization-to-organization, pull delivery, and push delivery offer a range of options to satisfy most organizations’ requirements for encrypted email. All three options are nicely integrated into email security solutions from McAfee and require minimal administrative overhead to implement.



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