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Maintenance-free web and email security

McAfee SaaS Web and Email Protection Suite combines McAfee SaaS Web Protection and McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity for a robust defense against the top two threat channels: email messages and web traffic. This cloud-based security solution stops phishing attacks and spam with email filtering and malware scanning, and protects every worker—regardless of location—from web-based threats. A single management console provides stronger email and web security while eliminating the need to manage and maintain on-premises solutions.

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Web and email security in one cloud platform

Stop targeted and opportunistic attacks

Halt email phishing attacks in their tracks with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence and ClickProtect embedded URL security, and detect 95% of zero-day malware with the McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware Engine. You can easily extend these layers of protection to Microsoft Office 365.

Keep employees safe everywhere they go

Cloud-based SaaS web and email security travels with users, so they are always protected. Whether checking email on a smartphone or using public Wi-Fi, security is always in place. If an on-premises or hosted email server goes down, you can access still email through a web browser and maintain communication.

Deploy cost-effective security

Eliminate the capital expenditure and administrative overhead of traditional email and web security solutions with a cloud-based solution. Simply route web and email traffic to the cloud and receive automatic security updates.

Email encryption made simple

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Product Reviews

McAfee Web and Email Protection solutions are regularly recognized for their performance and features by leading independent analysts and industry publications. Read about the latest analysis and results below.

When Minutes Count

Phishing Deceives the Masses

With 95% of all attacks on enterprise networks originating from a successful phishing attempt, this tactic remains exceedingly difficult to detect. Put your phishing knowledge to the test and see how others have performed in our phishing quiz.

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