Incident Management Check

Strengthen your emergency incident response program

Next Steps:


What would happen if your network was disabled by a hacker attack today? Do you have an emergency response plan? Do you have an incident response team? Do you have a process for detecting, identifying, and analyzing security-related events? Have you tested the execution of your response and recovery plans?

Foundstone Professional Services’ Incident Management Check analyzes the gaps in your incident management program and offers recommendations that enable you to build a better, more effective incident response and management program.

Key Benefits

The primary objective of an Incident Management Check is to baseline your organization’s ability to identify and respond effectively to computer security incidents ranging from network-based attacks such as email viruses, denial-of-service (DOS) attacks, unauthorized access, and inappropriate use of network resources, to any other type of unauthorized, unacceptable, or unlawful activity involving your organization’s computer networks or data processing equipment. Foundstone can determine the effectiveness of your program as compared to our experience dealing with industry standards and programs at similar organizations.


Foundstone uses the following methodology to complete the Incident Management Check for your organization:

  • We review your current incident management policies and procedures.
  • We conduct interviews with key personnel within your organization to get a better understanding of your incident response and management capabilities.
  • We perform gap analysis based on interviews and the review of policies and procedures.