Secure Mobility

The freedom of mobility and the comfort of security — anytime, anywhere

Sales executive. Soccer mom. Independent consultant. Road warrior. Whatever role you, your employees, or your users play, and whatever mobile device keeps you connected to your life and work, McAfee has you covered. McAfee mobile security keeps personal and corporate information secure in the event of device loss or theft, protects against mobile malware, and enables safe web browsing — while protecting individuals’ privacy and keeping organizations compliant with corporate and regulatory policy.

Secure Enterprise Mobility

Consumerization of IT and the explosion of devices in the workplace promise an ever-expanding range of Internet-connected smartphones and tablets. McAfee Secure Enterprise Mobility solutions help mobile users secure their personal information while enabling enterprises to protect data and networks. Our secure, easy, and scalable solutions allow IT to bring mobile devices into the security infrastructure and help employees stay productive on the go.

Secure Mobility for Consumers

Protect your mobile life. McAfee helps you enjoy the fun and flexibility of your mobile device, without worrying about losing your memories or personal data, or exposing yourself to fraud or identity theft if your device is lost or stolen. McAfee WaveSecure lets you track a missing device and delete your personal information over the air if the device is gone for good.

Secure Mobility Solutions for Device Manufacturers

McAfee secure mobility solutions help your products safely deliver more apps, more ideas, more fun, and more value — to more customers. Now, consumers and business buyers can purchase your devices knowing that their data will be secure and their devices will be ready as their work and lives go mobile. Offer smartphones and tablets with built-in security features, including remote locate, lock and wipe, backup, anti-malware protection, and web security.

Secure Mobility Solutions for Service Providers

Security is vital for the adoption of smartphones and tablets that unlock revenue from mobile apps, mobile Internet access, mobile commerce, and enterprise connectivity. McAfee can help secure the most extensive range of devices and services to help mobile service providers attract and retain new consumer and business users.

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