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SIEM Orchestration (English)

How McAfee Enterprise Security Manager drives action, automates remediation, and optimizes incident response

How Collaboration Can Optimize Security Operations (English)

The new secret weapon against advanced threats

Stopping Ransomware and Polymorphic Malware (English)

Given the recent surge in ransomware and polymorphic malware, organizations are looking for more robust protection. This technical brief discusses how McAfee Application Control can be used to protect both servers and desktops from ransomware and zero-day malware.

Understanding Cyberthreat Motivations to Improve Defense (English)

Understanding what motivates a threat agent allows defenders to tailor their response.

Advanced Threat Defense for SIEM (English)

When advanced detection solutions, known as sandboxes, collaborate with SIEM solutions, enterprises can better understand and respond to unknown, advanced attacks. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager work in concert to extract relevant data from advanced malware and dramatically reduce time to response by minimizing uncertainty and accelerating remediation.

Blue Skies Ahead? (English)

In this report, we look at enterprise cloud adoption trends and how they differ across Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Security-as-a-Service, and also public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Cloud Security Primer (English)

As diverse as your cloud environment may be, if you are involved in overseeing or deploying cloud services at your organization, there is one inviolable truism you must keep in mind at all times: No matter how simple or complex your cloud deployments, you can never allow the security of your data or applications to be compromised in any way.

Osterman The What, the Why and the How of Hybrid Cloud (English)

Public clouds use proven technology that can also be applied to your own data center. If you use cloud technology in your data center, you can treat it as a private cloud — either on your premises or you exclusively rent someone else’s data center.

SANS: Orchestrating Security In the Cloud (English)

Collaboration services, email, managed services, and backups and disaster recovery are the most common current use cases for cloud services, according to the results of a new SANS survey on cloud security.

Securing the Hybrid Cloud (English)

Most data centers today have a hybrid infrastructure that spans physical, virtualized and cloud deployments, both on premises and off premises. Discover how to keep up with this evolving landscape and provide an agile IT infrastructure to help meet business expansion goals.