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It is my great pleasure to invite you to the McAfee Executive Briefing Centre in Amsterdam. Since we opened the EBC at our EMEA sales headquarters in the Netherlands on June 10, 2011, we have hosted numerous customers and partners, as well as journalists and analysts. Very quickly, an enthusiastic consensus has transpired amongst our visitors regarding this state-of–the-art security showcase. You can experience cyberattacks in real time on a worldwide scale at the EBC. Our first-class security experts will show you how an attack starts, develops, and mutates, along with the consequences it can have on your company. It is not only about intellectual property and potential financial losses; it is also about reputation and trust.

Your visit to the EBC in Amsterdam is an ideal opportunity for you to share your story with our senior management team and technology experts. It is all about you, your strategy, projects, and needs. Our objective is to help you succeed in protecting your information, mitigating your risk, and improving your security posture while being able to achieve your short- and long-term technology and business goals.

I look forward to hosting you in Amsterdam for a briefing in the very near future for a unique, customized journey through the cyberthreat landscape to get your company security ready. Schedule your visit by contacting your McAfee account manager, or by contacting our Amsterdam team directly.

Andrew Elder
President, EMEA

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