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Security in Unison
McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense work together to provide enterprises with automated, adaptive threat response, which reduces time-to-containment of malicious files. The moment a file is convicted, the entire security infrastructure is informed and updated immediately, providing greatly enhanced visibility and control, from endpoint to network.

Calculating the Business Value of Next Generation Firewall — IDC
This white paper articulates the business benefits derived by companies that have deployed a NGFW solution. The data is based on in–depth interviews with eight McAfee customers. These companies were mostly large organizations with an average employee base of 7,082. Interviewees came from a variety of industries — energy, financial services, manufacturing, retail, service provider, technology, and education.

Security Value Map — NSS Labs
McAfee NGFW 5206 appliance is compared directly with 11 competitive next-generation firewall products.  Detailed comparisons are provided across the categories of security, performance, and total cost of ownership (TCO) and presented in an aggregated graph.

Throughput and Scalability Report McAfee NGFW 5206 — Miercom
Independent testing lab Miercom performed comprehensive throughput and scalability testing on the McAfee NGFW 5206 appliance. Testing was performed with application control, deep packet inspection, and antivirus enabled, and in configurations of one to four clusters.

"Why Can't I Vote on my Phone?"
This document considers the future for cyber security in civil governments around the world. As governments seek to develop their digital services, what security issues could this present? Here, we consider the trends affecting contemporary governments and look at how these may project forward to create ‘Next-Gen Government’. It then looks to see what the major security issues could be and the implications of these for governments globally. It takes a closer view on the reasons mobile e-voting has not yet been widely accepted, using this to illustrate the issues raised throughout.

Factory of the Future
This paper discusses, in a question-and-answer format, insights shared by Vice President and Chief Security and Privacy Officer (CSPO) Malcolm Harkins and team members at Intel Corporation and

McAfee Next Generation Firewall review by Frank Ohlhorst, Enterprise Networking Planet
Threats aimed at corporate entities and enterprises are rapidly evolving, with targeted attacks becoming the norm and advanced persistent threats (APTs) increasing. What's more, APTs have been further fueled by the rise of advanced evasion techniques (AETs), which help APTs bypass firewalls, security appliances, and endpoint security products. The answer to APTs and AETs is advanced next-generation firewall software. This technology review examines the McAfee Next Generation Firewall solution that's designed to quell today's security concerns by combining a plethora of security technologies with obfuscation techniques that successfully thwart attacks.

Public Sector Procurement
Within the public sector there are many different routes available to purchase IT software. McAfee has put together this assessment to inform on these routes and raise awareness of some of the detail within them. This contains an overview of some core trends that have been visible in procurement practices, a description of some of the more prominent procurement routes and details as to where further information can be found.

Direct or Transparent Proxy: Choose the right configuration for your gateway.
Secure web gateways are essential in today’s connected world, but which proxy configuration should you choose: direct or transparent? This white paper guides you through the pros and cons and makes recommendations that will help you secure your company and your users more effectively.

McAfee Next Generation Firewall: Optimize Your Defense, Resilience, and Efficiency
This eBook provides an in-depth overview of the features and benefits of the technologies within McAfee Next Generation Firewall.