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Financial services organizations operate large, mission-critical networks that process seemingly endless volumes of sensitive information. The critical nature of these organizations makes them the target of attacks, ranging from denial of service to information theft, initiated by malicious insiders, organized criminal organizations, unscrupulous competitors, and even hostile nation-states. These attacks are extremely costly, resulting in regulatory penalties, class-action lawsuits, lost revenue, brand damage, and diminished shareholder faith.

McAfee financial services solutions help organizations build an extensible and holistic security posture that addresses regulatory mandates while delivering connected security for networks, systems, mobile devices, and data. By working with McAfee, financial services organizations can demonstrate compliance while safeguarding sensitive information, often contained within critical databases, and mitigating business and technical risks.

Key Benefits

  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory mandates
    Ensure that your organization has the appropriate data and system protection to meet multiple regulations such as SOX, GLBA, and PCI, while enabling the flexibility to easily change and enforce policies for new requirements. Additionally, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager provides actionable data on where compliance was challenged, detailed reporting, and monitoring.
  • Protect mission-critical assets and sensitive information
    Identify sensitive data, and prevent, detect, and respond to incidents. McAfee financial services solutions implement controls that help protect data as well as the systems that transmit, store, and process that information. The advanced security controls from McAfee allow protection that go beyond the operating system to ensure against advanced persistent threats and help to ensure continued secured availability without compromise.
  • Leverage security as a competitive differentiator while mitigating business risks
    Utilize McAfee’s solutions to align with your business initiatives, enabling you to quickly make more informed decisions about IT infrastructure, without increasing risk.
  • Increase operational efficiencies and achieve enhanced ROI
    Streamline security management with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform. With a single console, the McAfee ePO platform enables even the most distributed financial services organization to get a comprehensive view of its security posture and implement new policies. With McAfee security solutions, more can be done with less, and you can maximize the return on existing security investments.
  • Maximize the agility provided by mobile devices without sacrificing security
    Address customer, partner, and employee requirements for mobile devices without negatively impacting security. Embrace the flexibility of mobile devices while limiting exposure to sensitive data loss and other mobile-centric security concerns.

Customer Stories

Bank Central Asia

Bank Central Asia, a regional public bank in Indonesia, centralizes security management with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

  • Eased compliance with internal and industry regulations.
  • Resulted in time savings with centralized management.
  • Provided integrated solutions to keep computers, the network, and data protected.


Data Protection

McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention
McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention

McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) safeguards intellectual property and ensures compliance by protecting sensitive data wherever it lives – on the network, in storage systems or at the endpoint, while saving time and money with centralized deployment, management, and reporting.

Database Security

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring
McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring stops attacks in real time, delivers sophisticated audit reports to help meet compliance requirements, and eases vulnerability remediation with virtual patching technology.


McAfee Enterprise Security Manager
McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager provides the speed and rich context required to identify critical threats, respond quickly, and easily address compliance requirements. Continuous global threat and enterprise risk feeds deliver adaptive and autonomous risk management, allowing remediation of threats and compliance reporting in minutes instead of hours.

Endpoint Protection

McAfee VirusScan Mobile
McAfee VirusScan Mobile

McAfee provides proven anti-malware protection for Android mobile devices. Architected specifically for mobile device platforms, McAfee VirusScan Mobile guards against known and unknown virus and malware threats.

Network Security

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense
McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

McAfee addresses three key requirements needed to solve today’s advanced malware problem: find, freeze, and fix. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense finds advanced malware and zero-day threats, and seamlessly integrates with McAfee network security solutions to freeze the threat while Real Time for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator initiates a fix or remediation actions.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise
McAfee Firewall Enterprise

McAfee Firewall Enterprise is a next-generation firewall that restores control and protection to your network.

McAfee Network Security Platform
McAfee Network Security Platform

McAfee Network Security Platform is the industry’s most secure network IPS. Backed by McAfee Labs, it protects customers on average 80 days ahead of the threat. It blocks attacks in real time, before they can cause damage, and protects every network-connected device. With Network Security Platform, you can automatically manage risk and enforce compliance — while improving operational efficiency and reducing IT efforts.

product box shot
McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis

McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis maintains a comprehensive and efficient network security infrastructure. A single sensor effectively collects traffic, and analyzes host and application behavior to detect worms, zero-day threats, botnets, and reconnaissance attacks.

McAfee Next Generation Firewall
McAfee Next Generation Firewall

McAfee Next Generation Firewall delivers complete, centrally managed network security with high availability, multitenancy, advanced evasion protection, application control, and flexible deployment options, including software, physical, and virtual firewall appliances.

Risk & Compliance

McAfee Risk Advisor
McAfee Risk Advisor

McAfee Risk Advisor saves you time and money by proactively correlating threat, vulnerability, and countermeasure information to pinpoint at-risk assets and optimize patching efforts.

Security Management

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) is a key component of the McAfee Security Management Platform, and the only enterprise-class software, to provide unified management of endpoint, network, and data security. With end-to-end visibility and powerful automations that slash incident response times, McAfee ePO software dramatically strengthens protection and drives down the cost and complexity of managing risk and security.


External Assessment

Identify network vulnerabilities with the greatest risk to your enterprise.

Internal Assessment

Secure internal network infrastructure. Foundstone tests potential points of attack and identifies vulnerabilities with the greatest risk to your enterprise.

Risk Assessment

Discover the threats that are likely to have the greatest impact on your organization, and learn strategies to mitigate risk while meeting compliance goals. McAfee Foundstone’s Risk Assessment identifies and analyzes the convergence of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities to present a comprehensive evaluation of your current risk profile.



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