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Government is undergoing a transformation. The global economic condition, coupled with an explosion of ICT capability and the presence of persistent threats, is forcing a transformation in how security is perceived and implemented. From Whitehall to Brussels, leaders view cybersecurity as a necessary enabler for prosperity and growth, and building resilience in the digital infrastructure that underpins the military, government, business, and society, is now a top priority.

Security strategy for government has shifted from component-based protection to cyber resilience. This shift replaces device protection with service integrity, weak foundations with trusted infrastructure, monolithic dependencies with agility, and continuous expenditure with significant cost reductions. As a critical supplier to government, McAfee enables this transformation by delivering a strategy, capability, and platform that enable resilient and secure systems.

McAfee Core Value Propositions


Agility is the capability of a system to change in response to a new condition. For resilience, agility is characterised by integration and interoperability. Integration involves the ability of the system to rapidly adapt to new technology or security capability. An interoperable solution can easily interact with other technology through the adoption of standards or alignment to requirements frameworks.

The Security Connected strategy from McAfee delivers a platform to rapidly secure new services and react to new threats. For expanded security capabilities, McAfee leverages our network of more than 150 Security Innovation Alliance integrated technology partners.

Cost Reductions

Government agencies are looking to reduce costs through consolidation and reduced complexity. The Security Connected strategy offers a unique platform for consolidation, integration, and automation — enabling greater operational efficiencies.


Delivering assured security products is a foundational step toward establishing a trusted digital infrastructure. As a critical supplier, McAfee leadership is committed to delivering verifiable, trusted security platforms by ensuring supply chain integrity, protecting our intellectual property from theft, and certifying our products’ security against international standards.


As a strategic partner, no other security company has this steadfast commitment to the public sector — a commitment that spans the entire McAfee organisation from research and development and products to services and our people. Whether it’s sending McAfee personnel into combat environments to train soldiers, or deploying technology on the world’s largest, most complex government networks, McAfee has demonstrated the experience, scale, and dedication necessary to make digital government a secure, trusted reality.