McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis

McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis

Network-wide threat visibility and assessment for enterprises

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Get cost-effective, network-wide visibility with McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis. Network Threat Behavior Analysis monitors and reports unusual network behavior by analyzing traffic from switches and routers from vendors such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, and Extreme Networks. It comes fully equipped with quad-core processors, a RAID array, distinct flow capacity, gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and offline storage area network connectivity.

Network Threat Behavior Analysis collects and analyzes traffic from the entire network — host and applications — to detect worms, botnets, zero-day threats, spam, and reconnaissance attacks. It reports any unusual behavior to help you maintain a comprehensive and efficient network security infrastructure.

Network Threat Behavior Analysis seamlessly integrates with the McAfee Network Security Platform intrusion prevention system to build a comprehensive and robust security infrastructure.

Enhanced security powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence
McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) is a comprehensive cloud-based threat intelligence service. Already integrated into McAfee security products, it works in real time, 24 hours a day, to protect customers against cyberthreats across all vectors — file, web, message, and network. McAfee GTI offers the broadest threat data, most robust data correlation, and most complete product integration in the industry. McAfee’s GTI network allows enabled products to evaluate threats on multiple vectors in real time, leading to faster identification of threats and higher capture rates. Network Threat Behavior Analysis uses the McAfee GTI network connection reputation service to identify domains and IP addresses that are infected or hosting malware attacks, and block those attacks.

Features & Benefits

Minimize IT and business risk

Detect behavior-based threats — even those that are unknown. McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis monitors and reports unusual behavior by analyzing network traffic, so you can identify and quickly respond to unauthorized application usage.

Maximize coverage and value

Pinpoint problem segments with cost-effective, network-wide visibility. Sort and analyze network traffic effortlessly and eliminate manual diagnosis of network-related traffic problems.

Get network-wide visibility and insight

Collect and analyze traffic from the entire network through a single Network Threat Behavior Analysis sensor. Analyze host and application behavior, identify threats through behavior-based algorithms, and inspect networks for worms, botnets, spam, zero-day threats, reconnaissance attacks, and associated behaviors.

Integrate Network Threat Behavior Analysis into your existing security infrastructure

Use Network Threat Behavior Analysis with your current network defenses. Seamlessly integrate Network Threat Behavior Analysis with the McAfee Network Security Platform intrusion prevention system to correlate unusual network behavior caused by intrusions. It also works with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software, McAfee Network Security Manager, and McAfee Vulnerability Manager, and is compatible with switches and routers from vendors such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, and Extreme Networks.

Improve security asset value

Protect against attacks arising from almost anywhere in your network — without extensive footprint expansion. With Network Threat Behavior Analysis, McAfee's Network Security Platform can see attacks emerging from the farthest regions of your network to deliver a better return on your network security investment.

System Requirements

McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis is a self-contained device. There are no minimum software or hardware system requirements.

Demos / Tutorials


Learn about McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis and how it provides real-time monitoring of the network to detect malicious behavior and previously unknown attacks.

Learn how to download and install a virtual Network Threat Behavior Analysis appliance on a VMware server.

Learn how to configure McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis through our step-by-step installation tutorial.

For guidance on how to use this McAfee product, watch the Quick Tips video listed above.

Awards / Reviews

CRN Ranks McAfee in their 2013 Top 25 Best Companies to Partner With
CRN Ranks McAfee in their 2013 Top 25 Best Companies to Partner With

Ranked by IT solution providers (SPs), CRN Research ranks the Top 25 must-have technology suppliers from a list of nearly 230 companies in 12 product categories that SPs need to consider when formalizing their partnerships today and for the future. 1,000 unique SPs of all types and sizes were surveyed.



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