McAfee SaaS Web & Email Protection Suite

McAfee SaaS Web & Email Protection Suite

Efficiently prevent blended threats, Web 2.0 malware, and lost productivity

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McAfee SaaS Web and Email Protection Suite combines McAfee SaaS Web Protection and McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity for superior, integrated defenses with convenience and control, putting your worries at ease and increasing productivity. This integration of inbound and outbound filtering and anti-malware blocks spam, strips threats, reduces risky and unproductive surfing, and saves you money.

Maintained by experts in security and threat research — By routing your web and email traffic through our data centers, we are able to insert our best security between you and the threats. The McAfee Global Threat Intelligence network collects events from 100 million sensors and correlates activities across key threat vectors, including email, web, host, and network. This visibility allows you to detect and block malware, attacks, risky sites, spam and phishing, protecting you before the threats touch your network.

Internet use policy enforcement — Our service enforces your organization’s Internet use policy by automatically applying access rules to all policy-controlled web traffic. You can limit access to video sharing and other frivolous sites that take network resources from priority users. Your policies can guide our inspection of outbound emails. By keeping inappropriate or private company content under control, we help keep your business compliant with workplace requirements.

Server protection keeping you connected 24/7 — Block over 99% of spam and eliminate 90% of spam-related costs with a complete, multilayered email defense — and industry-leading low false positive rates. Our complete solution shields your critical messaging gateways and email servers from attack, instantly blocking denial-of-service attacks, directory harvest attacks, email bombs, and channel flooding. If your network or email server goes down, whether through disaster or design, our service keeps your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers connected 24/7. You may choose an option to retain email for one or more years with McAfee SaaS Email Archiving. With built-in encryption during transport and storage as well as advanced search features, you will be ready for growing records retention requirements and e-discovery requests.

Easy set-and-forget management experience — Our integrated web management portal speeds startup and management. Web-based dashboards allow easy monitoring, tuning, and reporting for easy visibility into inappropriate Internet use that reduces productivity, consumes bandwidth and storage resources, and can present legal liability.

Features & Benefits

Block hard-to-detect web and email threats before they reach your network

Provide total security conveniently and affordably with this award-winning solution. We filter in the cloud to block more than 99% of spam, viruses, worms, phishing scams, and fraudulent emails outside your network.

Ensure email availability and protection

Count on uninterrupted protection for all your inbound and outbound messages. Your email is always secure and available, even during a server outage or a disaster, and you can get full access via a secure, easy-to-use web interface.

Enhance productivity and maintain compliance with policy-based controls

Set policies to control web surfing and inspect outbound emails for inappropriate or private company content to help keep your business compliant with workplace requirements.

Start instantly with no maintenance hassle

Redirect your web and email traffic to our load-balanced data centers. With no onsite equipment, client components, or security updates to manage, you also save on IT administration — freeing your staff and budget.

Protect inbound and outbound web traffic

Block traffic that violates your policy before it can enter your network. Permitted traffic is analyzed for nature and intent, assessing all content and active code on the requested web pages to provide immediate protection against malware and other exploits.

Continuous email storage, access, and use

Secure cloud-based, automatic rolling email storage with the option to manually set parameters to accommodate planned maintenance. It ensures email access during planned and unplanned server outages, and enables full disaster recovery without the need to maintain your own offsite storage.

Customizable protection from the security experts

Get comprehensive email and web protection and availability as a turnkey service. All detection, filtering, quarantine, backup, and recovery functions are located and managed at our secure, load-balanced data centers.

Encrypt sensitive company data to maintain compliance with privacy and security regulations

Protect your confidential outbound email without disrupting the day-to-day workflow of your employees with the addition of McAfee SaaS Email Encryption. Simple, cloud-based encryption helps to ensure secure confidential information delivery.

System Requirements

McAfee SaaS Web and Email Protection Suite has no system requirements because it is an online service.

Awards / Reviews

SC Magazine 5-star
McAfee Email Protection Awarded 5-stars by SC Best Buy Recognition, 2014

For the third year in a row, McAfee Email Protection earned SC Magazine’s Five-Star Rating. “Strengths: ClickProtect and Threat Detection features are great additions to an already full-featured email security platform.”

SC Magazine 2011
McAfee Email Protection Earns Prestigious 5-Star Rating from SC Magazine

With five stars across the board in every product rating category, McAfee Email Protection was awarded the top 5-Star Rating by SC Magazine – measured on its features, ease of use, performance, documentation, support and value for the money.


McAfee SaaS Email Protection & Continuity
McAfee SaaS Email Protection & Continuity

McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity blocks more than 99% of spam, viruses, and other malware in the cloud, before it reaches your network. Enforcing outgoing email policies and enabling email access during outages, it’s an easy-to-use solution that requires no additional hardware, software, or maintenance.

McAfee SaaS Web Protection
McAfee SaaS Web Protection

McAfee SaaS Web Protection is a convenient service that maximizes threat protection by leveraging McAfee security professionals and Security-as-a-Service management. It protects against malware, malicious web infiltration, lost productivity, and corporate risk while enabling effective and economical control over threats, and freeing your business to take maximum advantage of Web 2.0.

McAfee SaaS Email Archiving
McAfee SaaS Email Archiving (Optional)

McAfee SaaS Email Archiving simplifies email searches and eases archive administration with a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require additional hardware or software.

McAfee SaaS Email Encryption
McAfee SaaS Email Encryption (Optional)

McAfee SaaS Email Encryption is a cloud-based solution that helps encrypt valuable information, allowing you to maintain a stronger business and comply with privacy regulations.

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