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Tackling Attack Detection and Incident Response

Discover the key factors that slow many organizations’ incident response rates.

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Verizon taps McAfee Labs'
expertise for 2015 data breach report

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Critical Infrastructure Readiness

An in-depth look at companies’ cyberdefense concerns and vulnerabilities

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When Minutes Count

How experts fight advanced threats with real-time SIEM and identification of eight key indicators of attack

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Security Tips

From text message spam on smartphones to new malware that hijacks and locks down computers, Internet threats are continually evolving. Learn how the latest online threats operate and the key steps you can take to protect your email, network, and business.

How Cybercriminals Target Social Media Accounts

Cybercriminals are targeting social media users’ accounts now more than ever.

Infographic: How Confident Are Online Consumers?

This infographic looks at consumer attitudes toward shopping online and outlines how a security breach or the lack of a visible security policy or indicator can change a consumer’s decision to do business on a website, directly impacting an online merchant’s sales conversions.

Five Ways to Mitigate a Big-Scale Attack

Malicious attacks — where the only goal is to cause as much damage as possible — are expected to grow in 2013. Here are five key tips for enterprises to help mitigate the impact of these attacks aimed at breaching database and network security.

Threat Trends

Whether you are a security professional or simply looking to learn more about online threats, McAfee researchers will guide you through the current threat landscape. Our analysis helps you understand overall threat trends, how malware and Internet threats are evolving, and which devices and payloads cybercriminals are targeting — key insights that can help you protect your business.

McAfee Labs Threats Report: May 2015

For the first time ever, we explore attacks on firmware. We also highlight Adobe Flash exploits that target the growing number of vulnerabilities not patched by users and a surge in powerful new ransomware that encrypts files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid.

Catch Me If You Can: Antics of a Polymorphic Botnet

See how Intel Security and a global law enforcement action took down a major botnet that infected over 100,000 systems globally.

Infographic: McAfee Labs Threats Report — February 2015

This infographic highlights the continuing impact — this time to mobile apps — from several dangerous SSL/TLS vulnerabilities that were exposed in 2014.

Threats A-Z: Security defined and simplified

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McAfee Labs Threats Report: The latest stats and trends

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McAfee Labs 2015 Threats Predictions

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  • AshleyMadison Hack Demonstrates Power of Scam Artists
    Armando Rodriguez - August 26, 2015

    Last month, cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs broke the news that adult site was hacked. This breach risked the exposure of 32 million users’ personal information, including email addresses, physical addresses, and credit card information. It comes as no surprise that this news made headlines immediately and the resulting aftermath has kept it in the […]

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