Health Checks

Take the pulse of your security

Do you have the right network security controls in place? Does your information security program adhere to security best practices? What are your information security strengths and weaknesses? Are you protecting your most important business assets? A Comprehensive Security Health Check performed by McAfee Foundstone can help you evaluate your current security status, so you can take the next steps to reinforce your defenses.

With a Comprehensive Security Health Check, Foundstone takes the pulse of your network security controls and diagnoses strengths and weaknesses. We also offer recommendations to help you design a strategic security road map or simply identify specific solutions to resolve your business’ security weaknesses. A Comprehensive Security Health Check provides insight and visibility into your organization’s security posture, so you can make informed decisions.

Foundstone conducts a series of discovery interviews with key personnel, and performs an assessment of your organization’s network security in the following 11 essential areas, based on ISO 27001/27002:

  • Security policy and process
  • Security organization and personnel
  • Asset management and classification
  • Human resources security
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Network security and operations management
  • Security access controls
  • Information systems acquisitions, development, and maintenance
  • Information security incident management
  • Business continuity management
  • Compliance
Data Loss Prevention Assessment

Detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission or disclosure of sensitive information. McAfee Foundstone reduces your risk of exposure by identifying sensitive data copied or currently in transit from its original intended container.

Incident Management Check

Build a better, more effective incident response and management program. McAfee Foundstone analyzes the gaps in your incident management program and offers recommendations to improve your emergency response protocol.

Outsourcing & Third-Party Check

Ensure that partners, outsourced providers, and other third-party companies enforce information security policies that are consistent with your own rules. Prevent data loss, network attacks, and threat outbreaks with this Foundstone analysis.

Policy & Process Check

Establish and maintain well-defined, comprehensive, and enforceable information security policies that support business goals and objectives.

Regulatory & Compliance Check

Meet information security compliance requirements. McAfee Foundstone assesses gaps in your organization’s regulatory and compliance status and makes next-step recommendations.

Risk Assessment

Discover the threats that are likely to have the greatest impact on your organization, and learn strategies to mitigate risk while meeting compliance goals. McAfee Foundstone’s Risk Assessment identifies and analyzes the convergence of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities to present a comprehensive evaluation of your current risk profile.

Software & Application Security Check

Assess the security of your applications against hackers. Foundstone evaluates your application security posture, prioritizes risks, and fortifies your defenses.

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