Program Development

Strong security starts with a strong foundation

McAfee Strategic Security Services can aid your organization in developing programs based on tried and tested principles. Our consultants work to determine the effectiveness of your existing programs and the desired end state. We then provide a road map to bridge any gaps in a cost-effective manner. Our program development services span a number of functional areas within the larger information security framework.

Application & Software Development Lifecycle

Integrate security early into the application development lifecycle to produce more secure and robust applications — at a lower cost.

Data Loss Prevention Program Development

Detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission or disclosure of sensitive corporate information with a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention program.

Policies & Process Development

Define enterprise-wide security policies and build processes to bridge the gap between security policies and technologies. McAfee Strategic Security Services creates and implements effective security processes so your company maintains a solid security posture.

Software Policies, Procedures & Standards

Define and set the security bar for applications. McAfee Strategic Security Services delivers appropriate policies, procedures, and rules, allowing an organization to adhere to security standards, investigate violations, and ensure ongoing compliance.

Strategic Security Road Map Planning

Prioritize risks and create a strategy to address the vulnerabilities that really matter.

Vulnerability Management Program Development

Manage network vulnerabilities. McAfee Strategic Security Services develops a network vulnerability management lifecycle to ensure new security weaknesses are quickly discovered and mitigated.

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