Modem Security Assessment

Reduce the risk of remote access to your network

Next Steps:


Malicious intruders are constantly probing access points for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and weak security controls, in order to compromise network defenses. The growth in remote access via dialing-in to organizations has diminished over the years, but still poses a serious risk.

Dial-in technologies give an opportunity to intruders and increase risk to your organization. McAfee Strategic Security Services has extensive experience identifying rogue and unsecured modems, analyzing modem security configurations, testing for vulnerabilities, and implementing security policies that minimize remote access risk.

Key Benefits

  • Secure rogue and insecure modems
    Strengthen these access points that give intruders an opportunity to attack.
  • Get next step recommendations
    Our deliverables include a Modem Security Assessment Technical Report, an Executive Summary, and a half-day workshop with a Modem Security Assessment Presentation.


McAfee Strategic Security Services' Modem Security Assessment tests dial-in and other remote links to ensure integrity throughout the enterprise. Testing begins with a footprint of externally connected systems. McAfee Strategic Security Services works with your staff to identify a target range of numbers and exchanges that can be used to connect to an organization’s network via public phone lines. McAfee Strategic Security Services then examines the target range, identifying phone numbers with remote access, and, where possible, information is gathered about platforms, operating systems, and applications. McAfee Strategic Security Services then attempts to exploit vulnerable systems to gain access to the network and to classify the level of potential risk to your organization.