Software & Application Security Services

Get proactive and catch software bugs early in the lifecycle

Research has shown that fixing security problems early in the development cycle is more efficient and cost-effective than the traditional penetrate-and-patch model. McAfee McAfee Strategic Security Services' software and application security services allow our consultants to identify detrimental software security problems — often before the software is even built.

Software engineering studies show that approximately 80% of security bugs and flaws are introduced during the early stages of software development, often before even a single line of code is written. Using threat modeling, we can typically identify over 75% of the architectural flaws, enabling development teams to prevent implementing insecure software.

McAfee Strategic Security Services consultants are expert reviewers and have helped a number of major software, financial services, and other companies develop software security methodologies. We have significant experience reviewing a wide variety of software, including portals, e-commerce sites, financial services and health care applications, and desktop and developer software.

McAfee Strategic Security Services' capability in secure application development originates with our software and application security service (SASS) consultants, who have performed threat models and source code audits on numerous client applications, as well as their own software. Our SASS consultants worked as development practitioners on commercial enterprise software systems and understand the software development process, as well as why and how security bugs and flaws are introduced.

Application Penetration Assessment

Discover your applications' vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit the weaknesses.

Application Threat Modeling

Identify and fix security problems early in the software development cycle. Prevent implementing insecure software, gain efficiencies, and lower costs with McAfee Strategic Security Services' application threat modeling services.

Source Code Security Assessment

Improve application security. McAfee Strategic Security Services assesses source code for design flaws and implementation bugs to find policy and best practice violations that lead to vulnerabilities.

Web Application Penetration Assessment

Improve the security of your web applications. McAfee Strategic Security Services identifies holes in production websites before the hackers can exploit vulnerabilities, quantifies the risks to your business, and provides mitigation recommendations.

Web Services Security Assessment

Identify threats, vulnerabilities, and risks in your organization’s web services infrastructure with this comprehensive security assessment.

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